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  • Hi Dave

    On the Suarez thing I don't think anyone has any evidence one way or another (unless they know him/his agent of course). I think people (including me) are thinking that it's a distinct possibility given that he's one of the best players in the country and our season has ended in failure (assuming that we don't go and get 4th of course!!!).

    He gave an interview a little while back which suggested that CL football this season wasn't the be all and end all - more that he wanted to see us progress as a club. My guess is if we finish the season strongly and he gets assurances of quality coming in then he'll stay - otherwise I think he'll go.

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    • Paddy...think if the owners are serious about hanging on to Louis then they would come right out now and state the fact and assure both him and the clubs world wide fan base that they the owners are determined to bolster the squad soon as the transfer window opens with the aquistion of Proven World Class talent and Im not talking here about 10mill quid Borini's !

    • Paddy I think your right we don't know, and no-one other than the player or those very close to him actually do, which is why I think it’s all really speculation. But my point is why assume the negative when there is little or no evidence to support it. In fact there maybe as much, or maybe quite a bit more to suggest the opposite.

      He signed a new long term deal last summer with a club that finished 8th, and let’s be honest had a horrible end to the season. He's also repeatedly said how much he loves both the club and city, and how much he wants to play for LFC and wants to be here a long time. And while some may think not finishing 4th is failure this summer, I'm not sure all see things that way, but will rather measure success based on if we've made progress toward the goal of returning to the top table in Europe and progressing to a point where we can challenge for the title. The real question is what is a realistic timeframe for that, for Senor Suarez.

      Personally I think as at some point he will tell himself he is good enough to play with and against the very best in Europe and if we cannot provide that he will look elsewhere. However I'm just not sure he'll give up on a plan he signed on to last summer, after just 12 months.