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  • Dave all Im saying is that the owners are hard headed business men not besotted teenagers in love with LFC. All the sponsorship money who trousers that ? Yes the owners have spent money in the transfer windows since they bought us what top clubs owners havent ? BUT what about the money that has been incoming from those we have shipped out I have no idea what the balance is being honest about it BUT 50 mill from theTorres mugging of Chelski we cant classify as chump change no matter how and who it was reinvested in, money back on Charlie Adam money back out of the Aquillani sale and so on and so forth .All Im saying is look at all this and dont just consider the money they have spent ...Monies IN ...Monies OUT...thats your basic accountancy right ? This I feel is a far more realistic way of looking at just who and what our owners are rather than this dreamy idea that they are the most altruistic people inthe world ready to always dig deep to maintain our place at the top table of World Football without considering that they have found a very useful place to park their money in very difficult times for the world economy. They Know THE FRANCHISE LFC will always rise in value and give thema great return in the end game.

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    • Colin, I'm not sure where you’re getting your information from, but it does not seem to tally with what I've seen. I can understand a certain amount of frustration that we've not spent as much as you'd like, but a certain amount of realism is required I think. Otherwise you’re making things up or making assumptions based on a hunch rather than anything related to facts.

      The link might help you see things a little differently. That is not to say we should not put pressure on the owners to keep investing what the club earns to help us progress, but insulting them by saying they are trousering the cash, when there is no evidence that even hits at this, I'm not sure is the best way to go about that.


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      • Loki...I dont understand quite how u work out that FSG have made ZERO profit yes they have spent but also they have incoming as well as outgoing monies...I have no idea what the balance is but Im pretty sure they havent LOST money...although a good set of accountants can certainly make it look that way if u are looking for a write off. SO ...unless they spent 500 mill and earned 500mill there has to be either a profit or a loss made...right?
        Everything that goes into the Account represented by FRANCHISE LFC earns compounded interest from day 1 Ive no idea what it all amounts to but Im sure the boys at FSG have made a few squid out of it all. Do I object to the idea of them making a profit ? Of course not...what I question is the, depth of their commitment to long term success via investment in new talent to deepen the squad. Surely u agree that the squad we have right now if it isnt significantly improved quickly well before the kick off of next season by PROVEN WORLD CLASS talent isnt going to do any better than its done this season and may very well do worse as BR has openly admitted that his squad is way too thin to compete for a top 4 slot.
        Its one thing to run a solvent and successful business and quite another to run a consistently successful major sports franchise. When u have a consistently successful sports franchise u make money hand over fist as opposed to running a mid table sports franchise where u remain solvent and probably keep turning a reasonable annual profit until u cash in via full sale of the franchise somewhere down the line.
        Now...I think what Im stating here is quite reasonable I know what happens with American sports franchises most all major league sports franchises in US if held long enough irrespective of how successful they may or may not have been make their owners big money when they eventually sell thats why rich guys there park their cash in sports franchises..essentially they KNOW they cant in the long run lose they can only make money....how much each set of franchise owners is actually prepared to commit to investing to bring about long term success varies considerably ...Thats what Im saying is how deep is their financial commitment to long term consistent success ? Are they really going to go for it or will they just tread water till they eventually cash in their chips and make the desired big profit on sale of FRANCHISE LFC ?

      • Dave..If u own a business do u not have an account for that business ? Im NOT in anyway suggesting the owners are thieves like the Toxic Texans clearly were what Im saying is this...there arent that many great returns out there on investment just right now in such difficult economic times and FSG have in FRANCHISE LFC found a great place to park their cash and make it work for them. If the money comes in for sponsorship and u dont reinvest it in players or construction to expand Anfield capacity then it sits in u account and earns for u..right ? Thats BUSINESS..right ? Doesnt make u a thief just a shrewd investor which is exactly what FSG are ...shrewd investors. To say such am I as u put it "insulting" them ? I havent suggested that they "havent spent enough" I think here u are getting my posts confused withthose of sofa. What I have said is if we wish to move fw then the owners must be prepared in the upcoming transfer window to splash some cash on some serious PROVEN World Class talent to compliment such as Suarez up front replace PEPE with someone worthy of wearing the shirt and get a monster for the backline who will strengthen the spine of our side and maybe bring in some cover for Enrique and Glenn at the back...I think most of the world wide fan base would agree thats whats required and not just some token Borini like 10 mill buy and thats yer lot lads. These owners can well afford to bring in World Class PROVEN talent to give us what should realistically be a squad deep enough and talented enough to compete for a top 4 slot...if they do then its up to BR to coach that squad to a top 4 spot come end of next season and if they do and he doesnt get that top 4 slot and misses it by a mile then ...he should go. I think most of the support would agree withthat.