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  • dave...please indicate to me where in any of my posts I have stated that I thought FSG werewanting to sell now and"make a quick buck" ? Indeed what I have stated is the very opposite...I have stated they got something for their money they didnt just make a charitable donation to LFC yes but that does not suggest they want to sell now ? I have stated numerous times that if they hang on the FRANCHISE LFC will inevitably increase in value. So...?

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    • I think you've stated a number of times, including many on this thread, you thought Suarez would be off this summer and that the owners would be happy to cash in on such a sale.

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      • dave I give up ! Im not talking here about selling Suarez we are talking about selling the franchise the club and I ask u where have I stated that the owners wanted to do such a thing ? Then u come back at me talking about selling Suarez ???...This new board format is shyte as it seems impossible to reply directly to many posts so its necessary to simply select any post that has the facility to reply in order to get a post up on the board ? Anyway being as u mention Suarez its in the news today that Pep Guardiola top target when he takes over at BAYERN is Louis...Peps brother happens to be Louis's....agent. So...is it time forthe club to discuss with Louis the matter of is he serious in his committment to our club and get it out there that Pep can go f@=£ HIMSELF as Louis is not for sale ?