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  • Luis must have been the most disappointed of everyone with the Zenit result and I understand why everyone is concerned that he might get itchy feet next season.

    Those were two brilliantly taken free kicks but I gotta say that for me, the second one was one of the most brilliantly executed free kicks that I have ever seen. The way it swerved, turned and trajected was just unbelievable.

    Unforunately it came back to our inability to score in the final minutes of the game. To need only one goal and have the last 30 minutes to get it having already scored 3 is too good a chance to waste. Great Liverpool teams of the past would have accomplished the task blindfolded. Unless Brendan instils a 90-plus minutes fighting spirit in the team, then this heartbreak will continue to happen. All in all I am really proud of the lads and guttered for Jamie, being the fighter that he is, I am sure he is still blaming himself for our exit.

    Well done lads!

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    • Ron j ...think u description of this board layout as a load of abject #$%$ was being charitable....it stinks ! Hope we can hang on to Louis but think that the likelyhood of that is slim as PEP GUARDIOLA's brother is Louis agent ! As u say it sounds like the first tentative distancing from his statement that he "wants to be here for a long time"...time will tell is he going to be one of our ALL TIME HEROES or just another mercenary who parroted the right phrases while he was with us till when he ...wasnt.

    • dave...please indicate to me where in any of my posts I have stated that I thought FSG werewanting to sell now and"make a quick buck" ? Indeed what I have stated is the very opposite...I have stated they got something for their money they didnt just make a charitable donation to LFC yes but that does not suggest they want to sell now ? I have stated numerous times that if they hang on the FRANCHISE LFC will inevitably increase in value. So...?

    • Agree with that Dave. Also, whilst not likely, I wouldn't yet rule out 4th. We've got a run of fixtures coming up that look kind on paper with nothing else to play for. Spurs have got a difficult run. If West Ham can get an unlikely result against them tonight and we can beat them then I think things might get interesting. Might as well end on a positive note :-)

    • Got to be honest this thread has me scratching my head a little. I know some do like to look on the darker side of things, and then come up with what if's, but does anyone have any evidence to support the dour outlook this thread portrays, or is it just wild speculation and guess work?

      Sure Suarez wants CL football, as do the rest of the squad, the club, the owners and all the supporters. I'm also sure if we don't in a reasonable period of time get back to the CL players like Suarez will be tempted to look at other clubs. But does anyone have any comment, and suggestion, any evidence at all that the time is this summer?

      The lad just signed a long term contract last summer; he's had nothing but good things to day about the city and the club. No one promised or even suggested that it was 4th or bust this season, so where is the link? How does two plus two equal 22!

      Same thing on the owners. Because one owner takes money out of a club does it mean our owners must be doing the same? Because they are American does it mean they must be shady? Does anyone have again any evidence because from the outside it look like they've spent clearing debt, spent in every transfer window, but maybe I'm missing something? Does someone have a secret memo, maybe a paper trail showing the deposits into a Swiss account, or maybe its again two plus two equals, well whatever you want it to!

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      • Dave all Im saying is that the owners are hard headed business men not besotted teenagers in love with LFC. All the sponsorship money who trousers that ? Yes the owners have spent money in the transfer windows since they bought us what top clubs owners havent ? BUT what about the money that has been incoming from those we have shipped out I have no idea what the balance is being honest about it BUT 50 mill from theTorres mugging of Chelski we cant classify as chump change no matter how and who it was reinvested in, money back on Charlie Adam money back out of the Aquillani sale and so on and so forth .All Im saying is look at all this and dont just consider the money they have spent ...Monies IN ...Monies OUT...thats your basic accountancy right ? This I feel is a far more realistic way of looking at just who and what our owners are rather than this dreamy idea that they are the most altruistic people inthe world ready to always dig deep to maintain our place at the top table of World Football without considering that they have found a very useful place to park their money in very difficult times for the world economy. They Know THE FRANCHISE LFC will always rise in value and give thema great return in the end game.

      • Hi Dave

        On the Suarez thing I don't think anyone has any evidence one way or another (unless they know him/his agent of course). I think people (including me) are thinking that it's a distinct possibility given that he's one of the best players in the country and our season has ended in failure (assuming that we don't go and get 4th of course!!!).

        He gave an interview a little while back which suggested that CL football this season wasn't the be all and end all - more that he wanted to see us progress as a club. My guess is if we finish the season strongly and he gets assurances of quality coming in then he'll stay - otherwise I think he'll go.

    • mel n...totally agree mate. Think Suarez will be gone end of season hope not the owners must do EVERYTHING possible to hang on to this genius...have to say that second goal of his was probably finest free kick Ive ever seen ! If he does leave be sure it will be down to FSG simply wanting to cash in on a 18 mill squid profit and their money they laid out for him back intheir back bin.

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      • Colin, I just don't understand why you think the owners want to rape and pillage the club in view of the money they've forked out over the last couple of seasons. A lot of that money has been 'wasted' on players no longer at the club. Don't forget as well, they always allow players to be brought in before others are shifted on too, which is a pretty firm financial commitment. When you're worth £500 million, why take 18 million? It's not going to enhance your lifestyle is it? I can't understand people who think that footy is some huge cash cow, it's not, particularly if your not a successful club and need to spend money to become successful and indeed maintain that success.

        You keep saying they just want the money. What is your evidence? You'll have to do better than 'Its just a feeling I have' mate!