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  • Loki Loki Feb 23, 2013 00:12 Flag

    Stevie's view of the youngsters

    Having watched a recording of the game, the interview with Stevie was quite revealIng. When told that there have been some youngsters emerging, he cut in 'Have there?' - he's right. Not one has set the world on fire and they have been given more credit than they deserve. Or am I being too harsh? I think Sterling for example is very lucky to get such a generous contract at his age. I've said it before, but he wouldn't have had a sniff of regular first team action if we had a stronger squad. The others? Faded away with barely a trace!

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    • I'm with you on that. It was a bit much all the praise given to Sterling, he scored a couple of good goals, a couple of good performances but nothing really major. His England call-up was a joke. Suzo, Wisdom, have looked just 'ok'. I do like Kelly, strong and determined but sadly, he is another 'Sicknote'.

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      • With a squad as weak as ours has been this season what option but our "kids" ? For me all have looked promising Sterling yes was lucky on the back of the hype to pick up such a lucrative contract but hes what 18 yrs old if he continues to get some starts he will continue to improve and his talent isnt too shabby right now and he didnt cost ten and a half mill like Borini or 16 mill like Joe Allen...Wisdom I cant fault him overall a competent and confident kid. Suzo VERY promising talent just needs more starts to get used to less time on the ball but clearly the lad looks to possess a real football brain and weve seen him play some good stuff. Dont think Kelly will prove to be a "sicknote" think hes a strong lad with the right attitude and will come good for both Liverpool and England . Generally I think in transitional times like these we would be foolish not to give our kids every chance to prove themselves particularly as there is NOTHING left to play for this season 8th position or 14th position ..who tf cares give the kids their chance now is the time !