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  • colin colin Feb 27, 2013 21:16 Flag


    Loki been watching BARCA for donkeys yrs mate..did u watch the game last night btw ? La Liga for most yrs Ive been a follower has always been a two horse race with an odd season when Valencia under Benitez or Sevilla made an impact but generally it represents what the SPL was before the demotion of Rangers. Yes I know Real have lost nine times this yr. More good European top sides are going to be giving Barca more than just a run for there money much in the way Chelski also tippled to how to undo them they are not any longer the invincible possession machine they once were. They were undone by lightning fast counter attacking ...Maureens trademark wherever he has been...but also Real as I mentioned have a squad all of whom are prepared to take men on and beat them before releasing the ball as opposed to this incessant short pass game known now to all and sundry as Tici Taca. What Im suggesting is we NEED to mix up the playbook a little here as there is no doubt in my mind we are at our best when running at defenses and exchanging fast give and go. All top coaches are going to be looking at that match last night and learning just how to undo any side wishing to tici taca them to death...I think thats inevitable.

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    • Colin, I too watched the game last night and have been watching Barca for some time. In fact, I have been to the Camp Nou to watch Liverpool play them on a couple of occasions and I think 4 times to watch them in the league in the last few years (Barca is my favourite European City and if one has the means why not go and see perhaps the best footballing side ever?). Anyway p!ssing contests aside I agree Real played a perfect game against them, but I would temper that by saying that Barcas passing was not what we expect, and I don't think it was solely down to Real closing them down to death. So I stand by what I said, the league is the best gauge of a team and Barca are going to easily win the title this year. By the way, in Spain, the Copa del Rey is viewed about as favourably as a dogturd that's been freshly stepped in.

      You have this bee in your bonnet about Brendan being inflexible as well. That's plain wrong again. I have seen us play 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and even 4-4-2 this season! You also mention that we don't take players on well I'm sorry Colin, you're watching a different game to me coz every game I see Downing, Johnno, Sterling, Enrique and Assaidi last week taking players on - even Agger! The wingers in our team don't play tiki-taka!

      What you will find as the team gets better and we introduce better players into the squad is that they will become more effective in all departments. I think we will finish 6th season and that's progress for me. Finally, don't let your antipathy towards Rodgers blind you to what's actually happening on the pitch, because it seems that way to me. I'm telling you, if we cut out the silly mistakes then we have a top four team and that's without signing a couple of monsters in the summer!

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      • Loki...Ive loved watching Barca over the yrs and have visited The Camp Nou quite a few times over the yrs...pretty reasonable entry prices for the support too eh . Never been lucky enough to see us play there so envy u that.
        OK all Im saying is think its time tomix up the play book a little. I know there are Rogers fanatics out there who will take that suggestion as a full frontal attack on their hero but...its just the way I feel. I would like to see us "run at a defense" more often see our lads more ready to take men on than they seem..at least to me..to be prepared to for "fear of losing possession".
        I think we are further away from being a top 4 side than u u self feel. I think we NEED a monster in the centre of the back four also a ball winner in the mold of Mascherano and another Proven World Class hitman up front to support Louis ...lets pray we can hang onto him...and Sturridge up front. Then just maybe we will actually be a serious challenger for a TOP 4 spot.

    • Colin I'm a little confused here. I understand that some will look at last night’s game and see how they can counter the style Barca have perfected. However I don't think this is the first time Barca have lost a match and doubt it will be the last time either, but if they keep winning more than the concede as they have to date (as Loki points out with their very good Spanish league record) surely that would suggest the system, while not perfect is pretty good, and works the majority of the time.

      Now I do also take your point that the Spanish league is let's say a little uneven and extremely top heavy, which is why I rarely watch it, and in the prem you are much more likely to come up against sides capable of beating any other side no matter where in the table they are. But this system you say is in its death throes, is it not basically the same system the Spanish national team uses? Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think qualification matches for major tournaments, along with such competitions as the World Cup or the Euros are a little more competitive that the Spanish league, and they seem to have done, well not bad in the last few years. Now I know the FIFA world rankings are not always that accurate, but aren't Spain also ranked number one, and have been now for quite a long period of time, surely that is no coincidence?

      However I do agree with you, any system needs a backup plan, as nothing is perfect all the time. I know you and others have suggested we keep a certain striker who is still technically on our books, and in at least one of our last matches had suggested kicking it long ball might have been a good idea, but for me I’d prefer to go in the direction that Maureen does, as a plan B. I’m not a big fan of the counter attack strategy most of the time, and when I fault Rafa it is his over reliance on this system. However it is effective, especially away from home as we often saw in away legs in the Champions league under Rafa. But to be honest I’m a little surprised that you’d be an advocate of such an approach as I know you were not fan of the Rafa system, and for me it was not so far away from the plan we put in place a few weeks back down at the Emirates, but again I don’t think you had much good to say about that outing.

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      • Tici Taca, Barcelona, Rodgers etc, they have not reinvented to wheel. Call it what you want but it is still Pass & Move, that's all.

      • ooh this board is starting to work a bit better. YAY

        This thread has all the trademarks of a very frustrated and unhappy Kopite. It's a full on rant that's a bit off the mark in my book. Sorry.

        Firstly Barca have lost two games! Wow that's hardly the end of the world and they way they play. In fact I don't think they'll change much at all apart from looking at at how they gave the goals away and look to plug that. No doubt other sides will adapt there game to try and replicate what Real did but isn't that the ultimate compliment? Your opposition sets out to stifle you before you're even on the pitch?? Jeepers if he second best team in the world are forced to do that then what does that say about them and the gap between them and Barca? Still pretty big I'd say.

        For certain they will continue to follow a possession based game plan. It's the only game plan that ultimately makes sense. Shankly and Paisley knew it and that's why we followed it all those years ago. Pass and Move, Tiki Taka, possession based game are all esssentially the same. No rocket science. We have the ball, they can't score but we can. Simples.

        Furthermore as Dsteer says we could keep a lump and hoof it up to him but that's madness in my book. Other players in the team would very quickly become redundant and it's too much of a lottery. Honestly it looks damn ugly too. Yes I agree that on the break would suit better. We have the players in the squad that can do it. The system allows it too. The 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 can very quickly change to a 4-5-1 where the midfield is packed and room is stiffled. The main difference is that under Rodgers, like Barca and us under Rafa we press high. If it's counter attack time then you just drop deep. Having a lump doesn't work unless you want Pullis or Alardyce as manager.

        That flexibility to become 4-5-1 is a fundamental part of Rodgers game. Our problem this year is that we've come unstuck in possession in our own half. Criminal mistakes that have allowed the opposition directly at our central defense and everyone else out of position defensively. That's the area the address, NOT the possession based game plan.