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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 28, 2013 13:07 Flag


    I know what your saying and see the similarities. The game plans of Villa, Stoke, WBA etc have caused our downfalls but to be honest, the difference is that we got the ball in the box and had chances to kill it in all of them. In fact nearly every game we have lost this season, we have had opportunities to win them. The Madrid game was different, they absolutely slaughtered Barca on the break, Barca couldnt get the ball into the box let alone create chances. If we were looking at our side dominating a division, scoring more goals then anyone else but vulnerable to a gameplan of a world class team every now and then, I would be delighted!

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    • Hobs see exactly what u are saying...but as Im sure u know in Spain Barca v Real is equivalent of us v THEM and is always the one they both want to win..its as if there are no other games in the season. They can often be the games that decide where the Title of La Liga is going to reside that season. So...our problem is we cant beat anybody in the top half of the table yeah I know we did Swansea reserves 5.0...lol. I just think to look at who we are playing and mix up the play book a bit if it delivers three points isnt such a bad idea. Perhaps playing on the counter is effective against some weve lost to this season that as u say we should have easily beaten...maybe it could be seen as winning ugly but if it delivers 3pts instead of none in these cases cant be all bad eh ?

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      • I'm not arguing to defend for the sake of defending, our results against the top half haven't been good enough, I would say though that this has been more to do with the players mentalities and focus rather then the tactics (age, experience, quality even?!!). I think we were better then United at home, City both games, Arsenal I think we got what we deserved, Spurs away shouldnt have lost, Chelsea about right, Everton likewise about right on the balance, WBA crazy game away but at home heavily 1 sided. I just don't think we are a complete squad at all, thats been the difference between us being here and top 4, Agger is great when we have the ball but all our centre halves make silly mistakes. The full backs are good enough for me.

        We are really short, it is nonsense that we win corner after corner and only Agger is a threat, it is a bit weird.