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  • colin colin Feb 28, 2013 17:17 Flag


    hobs..would have to agree with BR that with the current squad we have corners being "pinged" in are indeed a waste of time and agree with what u suggest we need...but still think Stevie shouldnt be taking any corners as he is a serious threat on the edge of the box and enough to stop oposition being complacent about any corners we win and get them feeling a bit nervous should anything spring lose around the edge of the box as Stevie can be deadly if he latches onto anything comes loose. But a big skillful attacking forward in te mold of Cavanni might turn things around in the box when we win corners...note I didnt say bring back Andy C...LOL...but he was quite the disruptive influence where oppsition defenses were concerned when we got corners ..remember that goal v UniTURD ?