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    Watched Barca flounder v Real in The Camp Nou last night and concur with DESMOND KANES great article today on Euro Sport that they just had no Plan B. Maureens Real clinically dispatched Barca on their own turf last night. He showed just how to combat the short passing game called Tici Taca ; block the middle channel dont be stretched by any wing play and hit hard and fast on the counter which they did numerous times last night 3 times resulting in goals.
    Barca are a physically lightweight side not up to much when it comes to high crosses into and across the box..just like us...and are heavily reliant on the short pass to take them all the way upfield and intothe last third where thye look to create serious goal chances but up against a strategy like Real's last night this ultimately flounders justas it did via AC Milan in the San Siro in ECLC. Real by contrast last night showed willing to move the ball at lightning pace when they got the chance to break out on the counter and not just move the ball fast but everyone was ready and willing to take on and attempt to beat a man when in possession before freeing the ball to a supporting player..this unlike us.
    So Brendan Rogers...is it time to move with the times and look to mix up the play book a little rather than stick stubbornly to this it seems rapidly becoming outmoded strategy of one trick pony tici taca ?

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    • hobs..would have to agree with BR that with the current squad we have corners being "pinged" in are indeed a waste of time and agree with what u suggest we need...but still think Stevie shouldnt be taking any corners as he is a serious threat on the edge of the box and enough to stop oposition being complacent about any corners we win and get them feeling a bit nervous should anything spring lose around the edge of the box as Stevie can be deadly if he latches onto anything comes loose. But a big skillful attacking forward in te mold of Cavanni might turn things around in the box when we win corners...note I didnt say bring back Andy C...LOL...but he was quite the disruptive influence where oppsition defenses were concerned when we got corners ..remember that goal v UniTURD ?

    • I know what your saying and see the similarities. The game plans of Villa, Stoke, WBA etc have caused our downfalls but to be honest, the difference is that we got the ball in the box and had chances to kill it in all of them. In fact nearly every game we have lost this season, we have had opportunities to win them. The Madrid game was different, they absolutely slaughtered Barca on the break, Barca couldnt get the ball into the box let alone create chances. If we were looking at our side dominating a division, scoring more goals then anyone else but vulnerable to a gameplan of a world class team every now and then, I would be delighted!

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      • Hobs see exactly what u are saying...but as Im sure u know in Spain Barca v Real is equivalent of us v THEM and is always the one they both want to win..its as if there are no other games in the season. They can often be the games that decide where the Title of La Liga is going to reside that season. So...our problem is we cant beat anybody in the top half of the table yeah I know we did Swansea reserves 5.0...lol. I just think to look at who we are playing and mix up the play book a bit if it delivers three points isnt such a bad idea. Perhaps playing on the counter is effective against some weve lost to this season that as u say we should have easily beaten...maybe it could be seen as winning ugly but if it delivers 3pts instead of none in these cases cant be all bad eh ?

    • Colin, I'm afraid you have a severe flaw in your argument here mate - Barca are 16 points ahead of Real in the Spanish league. To say the way they play is on its last legs is not supportable by the facts. Any team can lose on any given day for any number of reasons, just as any team can win against anyone else, and Real are not exactly chumps are they? It was a bad day at the office for Barca, that's all. Given how Barca are doing in the league, I would execute half the population of planet Earth for us to be able to play the way they do!

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      • Loki been watching BARCA for donkeys yrs mate..did u watch the game last night btw ? La Liga for most yrs Ive been a follower has always been a two horse race with an odd season when Valencia under Benitez or Sevilla made an impact but generally it represents what the SPL was before the demotion of Rangers. Yes I know Real have lost nine times this yr. More good European top sides are going to be giving Barca more than just a run for there money much in the way Chelski also tippled to how to undo them they are not any longer the invincible possession machine they once were. They were undone by lightning fast counter attacking ...Maureens trademark wherever he has been...but also Real as I mentioned have a squad all of whom are prepared to take men on and beat them before releasing the ball as opposed to this incessant short pass game known now to all and sundry as Tici Taca. What Im suggesting is we NEED to mix up the playbook a little here as there is no doubt in my mind we are at our best when running at defenses and exchanging fast give and go. All top coaches are going to be looking at that match last night and learning just how to undo any side wishing to tici taca them to death...I think thats inevitable.