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  • colin colin Mar 15, 2013 20:37 Flag

    The next Stevie G.

    PS dont want to see the future constantly given preference over NOW...we need the owners to step up to the plate (scuse the pun ) and get some coin on the table for the reinforcements we need to guarantee a top 4 slot next season ..from what Im hearing from some posters on here its 20 mill + sales..thats not going to get it done. We cannot be outside of ECLC for yet another yr.

    • Colin, I agree with you totally here. I think it is gonna take at least £70 million to get the players we need. £20m + sales just won't cut it. If we don't get these players we need then it's adios CL forever! Then watch the players with any ambition leg it out the club as quick as an agent can say 'signing bonus'