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  • colin colin Mar 15, 2013 20:37 Flag

    The next Stevie G.

    PS dont want to see the future constantly given preference over NOW...we need the owners to step up to the plate (scuse the pun ) and get some coin on the table for the reinforcements we need to guarantee a top 4 slot next season ..from what Im hearing from some posters on here its 20 mill + sales..thats not going to get it done. We cannot be outside of ECLC for yet another yr.

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    • Colin, I agree with you totally here. I think it is gonna take at least £70 million to get the players we need. £20m + sales just won't cut it. If we don't get these players we need then it's adios CL forever! Then watch the players with any ambition leg it out the club as quick as an agent can say 'signing bonus'

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      • Loki...think the problem is we need to reinforce this squad sufficiently to get us a top 4 spot next season...a monster personality at CB to marshall the defense in the way that Cara has always done so well; something of the traditional old style centre half but not a carthorse...someone VERY commanding in the air but with real ability to play the ball out on the deck too and a real ball-winner as a bonus...look up Ronnie Yeats "The Colossus" his signing along with Ian "The Saint" St John heralded 30yrs of domination. Ron Yeats was a big man but moved fast for his size and was a superb ball-winner too and nobody got the better of him in the air...Gordon McQueen ex Leeds Man. UniTURD was a similar sort of player. We need another wideman frankly dont think that Assaidi is much more than bench and another sriker to compliment Suarez and Sturridge...we must NEVER again be found in with our kecks round our ankles the way we were this season at kick-off with one recognizable striker...just who was responsible for that? ...Whoever it was he should have been down the road..maybe he already is ?
        I think the style of football BR has us playing with some conviction right now negates the necessity to be going for more midfield men...everybody seems to play that role anyway right now. If the owners shirk the idea of putting an extra 30/40mill on the table + sales in order to have the books look a little better down the line it could be the most catastrophic business decision they ever make. We must have Champions League football back at Anfield season after next and then kick-on from there.Hope we can show the same attitude v Southampton today we showed v Spurs ! BTW hope Im not being too agreeable here.

      • Loki...considering Andy Carrols salary would it be worth considering he would fill one need, that of additional striker , I dont think WHU are obliged to buy him at end of season ..are they ? If they r not obliged then think its likely he will be back with us and considering his age it might make sense to have him back and see if he can make a name for himself coming off the bench rather than simply toss him off to NEWCASTLE for 10 mill ? Plus he does represent the capacity to have a plan B in certain games when needed. I mean weve saved his salary this season and received 3 mill in loan fee for him so wouldnt it make sense to have him back for next season ?

      • Fair points guys and I agree that £20m doesn't buy you much these days. It's a rumour but we'll have to see. I would hope that we could at least add £10m to that figure by flogging Carroll alone.

        On the side though have you notived that bar the odd exception there is a general slowing down of big spending now. "Them" only bought van Persie, City didn't do anything of note apart from the now forgotten Swansea winger (yes I've actually forgotten his name and I bet he's kicking himself now). We're still up there as far as spending goes, it's just that we have a need to do more I guess.

        Loki, Colin, a little game for you guys. Out of interest who do you think we need / or like to have? One rule though the likes of Cavani and players of that ilk are out of reach to almost everyone and therefore shouldn't count. Sadly I doubt this board will be able to tackle the game but we'll see.