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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 16, 2013 12:27 Flag

    The next Stevie G.

    Fair points guys and I agree that £20m doesn't buy you much these days. It's a rumour but we'll have to see. I would hope that we could at least add £10m to that figure by flogging Carroll alone.

    On the side though have you notived that bar the odd exception there is a general slowing down of big spending now. "Them" only bought van Persie, City didn't do anything of note apart from the now forgotten Swansea winger (yes I've actually forgotten his name and I bet he's kicking himself now). We're still up there as far as spending goes, it's just that we have a need to do more I guess.

    Loki, Colin, a little game for you guys. Out of interest who do you think we need / or like to have? One rule though the likes of Cavani and players of that ilk are out of reach to almost everyone and therefore shouldn't count. Sadly I doubt this board will be able to tackle the game but we'll see.

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    • Colyn...dont think I will play this game mate as my knowledge of other clubs players isnt that extensive and thats what we sposed to employ "scouts" for isnt it. Theres a guy plays wing for Wigan that Ive seen a few times this season he looks the biz but cant recall his name he had a good game against us. Tom Ince of course Id like to see with us..its easy for me to say What we need but not so easy for me to come up with Who we need. Price as u say would always also be a factor we have to consider when we look to bring in who we need as we need imo a monster personality centre back a good wide man and another striker.