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    The next Stevie G.

    I know a number of people have talked about his before, so thought anyone who missed it might enjoy this one from the Telegraph. The idea of bringing everyone at the club from the most junior youth side all the way up to the first team under one umbrella and with one playing philosophy I think has a lot of merit. We can argue over what the ideal system or tactics should be, but surely producing technically strong youngsters who have been coached the same way since they joined the club till they are ready to knock on the first team dressing room door is something that has worked in the past and should work in the future.


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      "It is a moment of symbolism when the current academy director, Frank McParland, introduces Rodgers to his development squad as 'the boss’. During the Gérard Houllier era and most of Rafael Benítez’s reign, there was only friction. They would go years without stepping into the place, no deference considered necessary from the academy director to the manager. Those who worked under successive regimes do not only see a different relationship, but a different club.

      “We are one club compared to what it was then,” says McParland, who took on his role in 2009. “There are clear lines of communication. The relationship offers the players a pathway. It’s the best time there has been in terms of that relationship.”

      This season, the edict was issued that from the under-nines up, the fluid, passing style and formation of the first team was to be replicated.

      “When I came in I sold the owners that idea so that if it doesn’t work out for me, at least you bring in a different manager who wants to play the same style and then it evolves,” says Rodgers. “I want to create a shortcut so that everyone who comes in immediately understands what is expected in terms of style of play. It saves time, money and effort. This is the first year of that and, naturally, there are growing pains.

      “The alternative is you have no plan. You start one way, that doesn’t work so you bring in another manager who wants it completely different. Half your squad plays one way, the other half another. All you get then is stockpiling of players. Then it’s the club’s fault if you’re not successful, not the players."

      That's what I've been trying tell everyone about. This is exactly why I think there are good things happening at Liverpool and it's all been instigated by Rodgers and FSG. People may ask why I support Rodgers. This is why. It goes much deeper than just changing the way we play and having a young squad with pass and move tactics. It goes right down through the club as one complete system and philosophy. And the fruit will come from it but it needs the supporters to realise what's happening and be prepared to stick with it because the fruit won't appear overnight.

      I'm actually astounded that this isn't the norm at most clubs to be honest. The idea is so simple and logical.