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  • Hobitez Hobitez Mar 1, 2013 14:39 Flag

    Suarez sign of commitment?

    I would absolutely agree that Bayern should be added to that list. For me, they are the best team in the world right now, conceded only 7 goals in the league all season, thats incredible. I never fancied Gomez heavily but his finishing and positioning is unquestionable, can you imagine the tap ins he would get at Anfield?! I don't think Mueller is a player Bayern would consider selling though, I only mention these 2 as they look to be coming available, switch Robben for Downing and our side would be dramatically improved, although I would have to concede he is an utter nancy.

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    • Cant disagree with your thoughts there hobs. Yes Gomez is probably a Linekar / Van Nistelroy type player that scores for fun but maybe doesn't offer that much extra. I certainly wouldn't rule it out. Robben fine player but I know women that would squish him like a grape without using their hands.