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  • RonJ RonJ Mar 3, 2013 20:36 Flag

    Suarez sign of commitment?

    IMO Gomez and Robben are has-been light years away from Luis in terms of ability and effectiveness if you are angling to talk about a possible swap. We need to hang onto the guy Luis and make him feel wanted. The additions of Sturridge and Coutinho to our squad are begining to have a very positive ring to them, power and intelligence, but I worry a bit about defensive solidarity now. I think this is where Mr Henrys moneyball book needs to be coming out with a view to agressive competition on all fronts next season. Hopefully Mr Glum

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    • ron j defo MUST hang onto Suarez build the side around him ...to sell him would be like Barca tossing off Messi for 40 mill then what do u use the 40 mill for because u wont find anything remotely same class as Luois particularly when everybody knows its Liverpool got 40 mill burning a hole intheir pocket ..right ? No1 priority for the club must be to hang onto Louis...hell or high water.