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    Suarez sign of commitment?

    There has been a little bit of speculation last few weeks about Luis, natural really that other clubs would be interested for a start, just have a look at White Hart Lane and they occupy the champions league position! Obviously the moment Bayern agreed Pep, the shared agent thing reared its head, then a german paper ran an article with Suarez quotes saying he wouldn't not be interested in hearing about Bayern but I am sure there is a lot of misquotes and out of context nonsense in there. Either way, here is the suspiciously timely article from LFCTV which seems to address the issue from every probable angle, it is reassuring but you just never know!

    Interestingly, whilst on the subject of Bayern, I see 2 figures grumbling heavily on the bench in Gomez and Robben, wouldnt they just be wonderful for us?! There was talk of bringing in experience, it doesnt get much better then that! You heard me Mr Henry, get that moneyball book out now!


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    • IMO Gomez and Robben are has-been light years away from Luis in terms of ability and effectiveness if you are angling to talk about a possible swap. We need to hang onto the guy Luis and make him feel wanted. The additions of Sturridge and Coutinho to our squad are begining to have a very positive ring to them, power and intelligence, but I worry a bit about defensive solidarity now. I think this is where Mr Henrys moneyball book needs to be coming out with a view to agressive competition on all fronts next season. Hopefully Mr Glum

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      • ron j defo MUST hang onto Suarez build the side around him ...to sell him would be like Barca tossing off Messi for 40 mill then what do u use the 40 mill for because u wont find anything remotely same class as Luois particularly when everybody knows its Liverpool got 40 mill burning a hole intheir pocket ..right ? No1 priority for the club must be to hang onto Louis...hell or high water.

    • Nope, you're okay. It says so here:


      If you can get past all the Chelsea excitement, it turns out Brenda has been told by Suarez's agent that Suarez is happy.

      What's that? Why didn't he ask him himself? Well, I don't know. Maybe Suarez can't understand his accent.


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      • You know these stories really make me laugh and sometimes I think there is some kind of unwritten agreement between newspapers, and agents to fill up inches on quiet news days. First they'll plant a rumor of a pending move, and then they get to print another story with the player committing his full heart and soul to the club. Then of course a month or two later the whole cycle is repeated again.

        Mind you the original rumor was surely strongly sourced. I mean because Suarez’s agent is Pep’s brother it’s obvious he is off to Bavaria. I mean who does your brother work for, and I suppose it won’t be long before you get a job there too.

        Btw, what is going on with Rafa? Was it a real rant (again?) or the press hyping a story about something we already knew before? Chelsea fans hate Rafa. Rafa is an interim manager, Rafa therefore has limited authority at the club, and unless a miracle happens Chelsea will yet again have a new coach next season. I'm not sure if those statements have changed materially since October.

    • I gess we'll see what comes. You've mentioned that Suarez would only be interested in Barca or Real. I would add bayern to that list. They are a scary club at the moment. The way they dismantled Arsenal was fantastic as a neutral. So much money too!

      I'm still not convinced by Gomez you know. I haven't seen him have a good game but his scoring record suggests otherwise. Robben I do like (ignoring history). He is creative and scores goals. given the choice though I'd take Mueller in a heartbeat

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      • I would absolutely agree that Bayern should be added to that list. For me, they are the best team in the world right now, conceded only 7 goals in the league all season, thats incredible. I never fancied Gomez heavily but his finishing and positioning is unquestionable, can you imagine the tap ins he would get at Anfield?! I don't think Mueller is a player Bayern would consider selling though, I only mention these 2 as they look to be coming available, switch Robben for Downing and our side would be dramatically improved, although I would have to concede he is an utter nancy.