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  • Loki Loki Mar 2, 2013 20:12 Flag

    Barca stuffed ...again ?

    Colin, why do you care so much about Barca? They have few similarities to Liverpool.For example, we play with strikers and they use the so-called 'false number 9' system.

    You want us to mix it up like Real but are they not also one-trick ponies? Counter-attack all the way, soak it up and hit on the break just like all Mourinho's teams do? I would hate us to play like that all game. Anyway, wasn't Suarez's third goal a counter-attack? I really do feel you aren't reading the game correctly if you think we don't mix it up.

    I seriously don't understand anyone who is unhappy with how things are going at the moment. Just look at the goals for and against in the last 10 games!

    You talk about the height of the team. Coutinho set up 2 goals today! Arguably the greatest player in history - Messi - had to have hormone injections just to have a few extra inches. Then there is that giant, Maradona, our own King Kenny is 5'7'' and wasnt Pele just 5'8''? All short @rses.

    The only thing that matters is winning, which we are doing consistently now after a few growing pains at the start of the season. I'm sure there will be some more growing pains as well.

    What I object to about your post is you are castigating Rodgers about a transfer window that hasnt even happened yet! Who knows what the profile of player he has in mind for the summer?

    Ive got to admit, I haven't a clue what you mean so you need to explain it to me because it seems hypocritical to me to sl@g the manager off for copying one team and then recommending that they actually copy another.

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    • Loki...check my post with my thoughts on the Wigan game nothing negative all optimism I was overjoyed with 4 goals and Louis Suarez what more can anybody say ? Pure genius ! I think we need a couple big lads at the back and a bit of muscle up front to help out Louis and Surridge someone who is proven World Class striker and can hold the ball up a bit for either Sturridge or Louis or both. Thats all just an opinion...plus Im not saying our playbook is an imitation of Barca's not at all but I am saying that, it is clear to a blind man that that is who BR is modeling his style on overall and all Im doing in setting up this thread is pointing out that when Barca come up against quality Tici Taca lets them dowsn ..say what u like about how many they have lost in La Liga whatever they are out of Copa del Ray and were soundly beaten today and willprobably soon be out of ECLC too cos tici Taca is letting them down when they come up against real quality. Im just not a believer in the idea that Tici Taca is the Holy Grail for those that are fine but not for me. Just for the record I was surprised just how ineffective Barca were today had expected more from them.

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      • Colin, what should be clear to a blind man is that Barcelona are 12 points clear and they have a goal difference of +53! So big deal if they lose the occasional game?

        Lets put it this way. If we got beaten twice a season by Man Utd 10-0 each time but we won the league I would be more than happy. In fact, I would be sp*nking in my kecks! Perhaps Barca are already on the beach coz they know they are going to p*ss that league. How long do you think Real hard-ons are going to last when they see Puyol et al lifting the La Liga trophy? 1 game on its own doesn't mean diddly squat but the league title - that's the bread and butter as Shanks used to say.

        I really don't get why you think tiki-taka is in its death throes (your suggestion) when they are so dominant in their league, but you point to two insignificant results in the scheme of things as proof of your argument.

        By the way, I actually don't like the false number nine system. In fact I've hated it since I first saw it. I like to see strikers, not a 4-6 formation with incredible movement from the midfielders. I don't think Rodgers is modelling us on this system in any way whatsoever. I'm sorry and it's good to debate these points, but I fundamentally disagree with more or less everything you say about us. You don't have at least 20 chances a game if you are endlessly playing tiki taka around the midfield and your own area.

    • Colin has it in for Rodgers. He has his opinion and is off loading with both barrels. I agree Liverpool are no way near Barca. The style of our game is different with the only similarity that really stands out being possession. I think that's a good thing especially if you have European ambitions. One other big thing we do have in common however is that Rodgers and FSG have set up the academies and youth sides to play in the exact same way as the first team. Basically they've set an ethos up that runs right through the whole club. everybody does the same thing, the same way. Whoever thinks that is a bad thing is just simply plainly off their rocker.

      Good win yesterday but the stats also make interesting reading. On paper there's a small argument to say that Wigan had the better of the game. They had more possession, more shots, more corners etc. At last however I can say we were more clinical.

      I also agree that a false nine is pants. I think, and we do especially need a real focal point to our attack.

      As a final point Barca will adapt. That I'm sure of. It wouldn't surprise me to see a striker there next season and the full backs being used to really stretch defenses out wide and get behind them. It's not as if they haven't got the skill levels is it?

      Finally I also agree that its still early days in Rodgers tenure. The task he faced was huge, the pace of change may be too much for some to appreciate but in my book the club seriously needed it.

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      • Hi Colyn

        First off - very good result yesterday and lots of positives from the performance (including Pepe - still been a top class keeper this season even with the odd mistake ...I hope he stays).

        It's been an interesting season. Undoubtedly, BR has made mistakes but I was very impressed by him saying as much recently about the Oldham game and also talking about adding experience to the group. We all knew he was/is inexperienced at this level but if he learns from the mistakes made this season then it should put us in a healthy state for next. On the plus side we are creating chances and, but for our inability to kill off games, would be a lot closer to 4th which has to be the minimum requirement for next season imo.

        Improving communication and having a clear development path is a positive for any organisation but some caution is needed here. There is already a side in the PL who have had one system of play throughout for more than a decade, who have a philosophy in buying players with potential for the right price, who have built practice pitches to the exact dimensions of their stadium pitch ... Arsenal. Now, Arsenal always(!) finish in the top 4 but they haven't won anything for years. My point is that the philosophy is all well and good if it is supplemented with buying and retaining top players. Otherwise it just becomes a cash generation scheme.

        In short, I'd rather be Utd than Arsenal.

    • Funny that just from the title of the thread, it was obvious where this was going..

      Since I truly don't look at any other board, I've got to guess that we're probably the only clubs' supporters board, who find more faults rather than positives, with the team/manager, after wins.

      This Wigan side around the same time last year, went to Anfield and won 2-1, in a dull, boring, uninspired performance, amongst others (Fulham 0-1, Wba 0-1, Swans 0-1) down the stretch, with our squad that had several players over 5'8, including Kuyt and a 6'4 striker who didn't start. Yet today, we slaughter Wigan, (twice now, 7-0, after dropping 4 pts last yr) fighting for their Prem lives, & could have been a bogey hole like they were to Ud last season at DW, 1-0.

      The funniest irony of it all, is that our 1st goal came from a Coutinho cross, to the most unlikely of sources, Downing, to nod home for his 2nd goal of the season, 2 more than he had all of last. So what's to complain about? We actually had less possession until the end, played several long balls from the back, several crosses into the box, & counter attacking football ie- Madrid (who are still 15 pts adrift of Barca, with only 2 trophies under Mourinho to Barca's 1000, in his time there)

      We have scored more goals than any other team, including the leaders Utd and holders City, since the turn of the year with 22, and have 53 goals so far, with 10 games to play!!! We should exceed 60, when we only scored 47 last year, while "mixing it up"...

      By the way, we won 4-0. Great performance, well done to all the lads, and whoever bought Coutinho, picked the side, and the tactics. YNWA!

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      • Jason ...look carefully the match at BERNABAO in Madrid kicked off at 3.00pm I posted up well before the kick off of the match at Wigan and have just posted up my thoughts on the Wigan game nothing at all of the pessimist or glass half empty about my posting. The opposite could be said to be true..thought we played very well , good to see Pepe back in top form too...there u go cheerful enough for yuh ?

      • I don't think it's unreasonable to look ahead to what Liverpool need in the next transfer window, but I don't see many lessons from Barcelona's difficulties for the reasons outlined. The team is looking very strong going forward with good variety;while Rogers places most value on pace and skill/ball control there is some height and physical presence in team in midfield/attack (Gerrard, Sturridge, Henderson, Shelvey). I'm sure Rodgers wouldn't be adverse to signing attackers with pace, skill and physicality the problem is they are rare and the best known examples (Ronaldo, Bale) are well out of LFC's reach. Where I think the team do need a stronger physical presence however is at CD. Agger is a skilful rather than commanding CD; Skrtel on the other hands has the misfortune of presenting as a physical CD who doesn't like playing against physical forwards; Coates does not look like a player who can hack the EPL hustle and bustle. I like the look of Wisdom for a CD role but he is young and there seems some rule of the thumb (which I don't understand) that you have to be older to play CB than other defensive positions. Do folk agree on the need for greater physical presence in defence and any thoughts on who would be a good realistic acquisition at CB?