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  • Jason Jason Mar 2, 2013 21:18 Flag

    Barca stuffed ...again ?

    Funny that just from the title of the thread, it was obvious where this was going..

    Since I truly don't look at any other board, I've got to guess that we're probably the only clubs' supporters board, who find more faults rather than positives, with the team/manager, after wins.

    This Wigan side around the same time last year, went to Anfield and won 2-1, in a dull, boring, uninspired performance, amongst others (Fulham 0-1, Wba 0-1, Swans 0-1) down the stretch, with our squad that had several players over 5'8, including Kuyt and a 6'4 striker who didn't start. Yet today, we slaughter Wigan, (twice now, 7-0, after dropping 4 pts last yr) fighting for their Prem lives, & could have been a bogey hole like they were to Ud last season at DW, 1-0.

    The funniest irony of it all, is that our 1st goal came from a Coutinho cross, to the most unlikely of sources, Downing, to nod home for his 2nd goal of the season, 2 more than he had all of last. So what's to complain about? We actually had less possession until the end, played several long balls from the back, several crosses into the box, & counter attacking football ie- Madrid (who are still 15 pts adrift of Barca, with only 2 trophies under Mourinho to Barca's 1000, in his time there)

    We have scored more goals than any other team, including the leaders Utd and holders City, since the turn of the year with 22, and have 53 goals so far, with 10 games to play!!! We should exceed 60, when we only scored 47 last year, while "mixing it up"...

    By the way, we won 4-0. Great performance, well done to all the lads, and whoever bought Coutinho, picked the side, and the tactics. YNWA!

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    • Jason ...look carefully the match at BERNABAO in Madrid kicked off at 3.00pm I posted up well before the kick off of the match at Wigan and have just posted up my thoughts on the Wigan game nothing at all of the pessimist or glass half empty about my posting. The opposite could be said to be true..thought we played very well , good to see Pepe back in top form too...there u go cheerful enough for yuh ?

    • I don't think it's unreasonable to look ahead to what Liverpool need in the next transfer window, but I don't see many lessons from Barcelona's difficulties for the reasons outlined. The team is looking very strong going forward with good variety;while Rogers places most value on pace and skill/ball control there is some height and physical presence in team in midfield/attack (Gerrard, Sturridge, Henderson, Shelvey). I'm sure Rodgers wouldn't be adverse to signing attackers with pace, skill and physicality the problem is they are rare and the best known examples (Ronaldo, Bale) are well out of LFC's reach. Where I think the team do need a stronger physical presence however is at CD. Agger is a skilful rather than commanding CD; Skrtel on the other hands has the misfortune of presenting as a physical CD who doesn't like playing against physical forwards; Coates does not look like a player who can hack the EPL hustle and bustle. I like the look of Wisdom for a CD role but he is young and there seems some rule of the thumb (which I don't understand) that you have to be older to play CB than other defensive positions. Do folk agree on the need for greater physical presence in defence and any thoughts on who would be a good realistic acquisition at CB?

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      • @ Colin, mate I'm not saying you have to be full of cheer if you don't want to, and I acknowledge the timing of the post. But I do think it's fair to say, while not all is perfect, that it seems more often than not, we are looking a good side particularly attacking wise. We were also very commanding in the midfield with Allen showing glimpses of what he did early on, and Lucas very good. That said, we very well could draw or lose to Spurs and it would be a blow, but I'm hoping for something other and at the end of the day, come summer, we need to strengthen alot. For all the good I personally see and like, I have found some bad too along the way, so Rodgers has alot of room to improve, and I think based on his mantra of "teaching and learning", I think he'll do well to take a feather from his own cap and improve. That said, I recorded the match, and if you look at the first goal, it's basically got Colin written all over it (you should claim a patent and make some money).. route 1, Reina long kick upfield to Coutinho, who took on his man, crossed it to Downing, header, bang, goal! It was very pretty, and I think we have alot of that in our locker and can adjust, but Rodgers wanted to focus on players he wants for his main style and plan A... He can work on adding more and a cost efficient plan B. Just think if the Summer had gone the way he thought with Sturridge/Dempsey in mind. While not a monster in the air, Dempsey is very physical and could have done a job, and the Sturridge/Suarez partnership would have been devastating from day 1..

        @ Ben, regarding Wisdom, I really do see him as a very nice CB, and I agree that he should get some time there. Just a guess/thought on why CB's don't get a chance as quickly, is almost similar to that of young strikers.. I think it comes to mentality and quickness of thinking and reacting.. I see striker and CB as the two hardest positions to adjust to, even moreso for younger players, and foreign players though that seems to be changing too..

        As for CBs, there's all sorts of rumors we've been looking at 2 in the Netherlands, De Vrie of Ajax, and I think Van Dijk (Twente?). Diakite of Lazio says he will leave this summer and Liverpool was a choice, but who knows. I'd like to think Skrtel can be resurrected, but after reading some of his comments to Sky recently, it seems he'll go, along with Coates.. I think we could do well to try and one from Germany, where they play with alot of pace, skill and power. I think good CB's these days are costing what strikers are... We could have sold both Skrtel and Agger for 20M+, Silva left Milan to PSG for 38M!!

      • Ben some of us suggested Samba when QPR go down. Others have mentioned Diakite, de Vrij. Personally i think we need muscle in the middle as well.