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  • colin colin Mar 2, 2013 22:53 Flag

    Barca stuffed ...again ?

    Loki...check my post with my thoughts on the Wigan game nothing negative all optimism I was overjoyed with 4 goals and Louis Suarez what more can anybody say ? Pure genius ! I think we need a couple big lads at the back and a bit of muscle up front to help out Louis and Surridge someone who is proven World Class striker and can hold the ball up a bit for either Sturridge or Louis or both. Thats all just an opinion...plus Im not saying our playbook is an imitation of Barca's not at all but I am saying that, it is clear to a blind man that that is who BR is modeling his style on overall and all Im doing in setting up this thread is pointing out that when Barca come up against quality Tici Taca lets them dowsn ..say what u like about how many they have lost in La Liga whatever they are out of Copa del Ray and were soundly beaten today and willprobably soon be out of ECLC too cos tici Taca is letting them down when they come up against real quality. Im just not a believer in the idea that Tici Taca is the Holy Grail for those that are fine but not for me. Just for the record I was surprised just how ineffective Barca were today had expected more from them.

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    • Colin, what should be clear to a blind man is that Barcelona are 12 points clear and they have a goal difference of +53! So big deal if they lose the occasional game?

      Lets put it this way. If we got beaten twice a season by Man Utd 10-0 each time but we won the league I would be more than happy. In fact, I would be sp*nking in my kecks! Perhaps Barca are already on the beach coz they know they are going to p*ss that league. How long do you think Real hard-ons are going to last when they see Puyol et al lifting the La Liga trophy? 1 game on its own doesn't mean diddly squat but the league title - that's the bread and butter as Shanks used to say.

      I really don't get why you think tiki-taka is in its death throes (your suggestion) when they are so dominant in their league, but you point to two insignificant results in the scheme of things as proof of your argument.

      By the way, I actually don't like the false number nine system. In fact I've hated it since I first saw it. I like to see strikers, not a 4-6 formation with incredible movement from the midfielders. I don't think Rodgers is modelling us on this system in any way whatsoever. I'm sorry and it's good to debate these points, but I fundamentally disagree with more or less everything you say about us. You don't have at least 20 chances a game if you are endlessly playing tiki taka around the midfield and your own area.

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      • Loki...defo fundamental differences in the way we see things will give u that. Statistically Wigan had the better of it yesterday for me once again it proves my point it doesnt matter how much possession u have if u dont do anything with it which has been our problem for most of this season.We will see the verity of this when we play our next game versus a very useful side Spurs...we will need to be clinical and not just use possession to try and create good goal scoring opportunities but take those opportunities when they are created and turn them into ...GOALS. Versus Wigan we could afford to be profligate as their defense particularly in first half was like a seive ....it wont be that way when Spurs arrive. Love to see us win the way we did yesterday but have to say think our season might very well hinge on getting our first win over a top 4 side when Spurs come to town.
        Id prefer to whack UniTURD 10.0 twice each season and never win the League Title and have to settle for mid-table. Think about it 10.0 TWICE each season over UniTURD ...very difficult for us oldsters to resist that offer mate !...lol.