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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 4, 2013 11:49 Flag

    Barca stuffed ...again ?

    I'd like to state state clearly why I support Rodgers at this poitn and why I am almost a complete opposite to my English spelt namesake and colleague above.

    Firstly despite the odd fumble in the press and the variation in results and performances I which I find as frustrating as anyone I am trying to look deeper into the changes that are being made at the club.

    To me there's almost an ignorance about the state of the club not so long ago. It was masked by cup wins and various other bist and bobs but not only was the club on the rocks financially the playing side was also in complete disarray. I don't think that we can thanks FSG enough for pulling us out of the financial mire.

    The playing side is down to Rodgers and while things may not have gone brilliantly this season so far I think the last 2 seasons have been on the cards for some time. Rodgers is pullingthe club together from top to bottom. That can only be a good thing where every player understands the tactics and style of play we will use. Secondly we're trying to play an attractive form of football. again that's good as the club was renowned for it and that brings support on its own.

    It's far from perfect but I think we've chosen the right path. Whether I (and FSG) are right or not remains to be seen but I honestly believe that the club needed a complete overhaul. And I mean everything down to the tea lady. That's happening and I think it's a good thing. The last time this happened it worked out quite well.

    Personally I'd take any win over United. Ultimately I'd love to see us on the top of the PL pile at the end of a season and that to happen while Ole Red Nose is still managing "Them".

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    • One thing I'd like to point out, and maybe this deserves its own thread, but here seems as good a place as anywhere, is that when it comes to debates about managers, too many on here want to make it a black or white, a wrong or right question.

      Bottom line for me is no manager is perfect, and never will be. Shanks made mistakes, as did Bob, as has Fergie, Maureen, and so will BR. They are human, and they are in the business of trying to control the multitude of variables it takes to succeed, while all the time they have others trying to control those same variables against them.

      So the question is not whether BR is perfect, or whether we should support everything he does (or make excuses for him as some suggest those who support him do), but rather is he getting most things right, and is he an agent for change in the right direction or the wrong direction.

      For me, it’s no secret I'm an optimist, and I'm also a patient man. I've seen success at our club, and know it did not happen overnight, so never took it for granted. Therefore with any manager I'm willing to try and take the long view, rather than expect instant results. However this is a results business, so the question becomes how quickly should we expect it to take for results to improve, and what metrics can you look at for signs of progress along the way.

      I think most regulars on here know my view, so no point going over it. But I think it is worth everyone thinking about those 2 questions: how long, and what are signs of progress or regression.