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  • To be fair, it wasn't much of a challenge. What pleased me most was Reina's form. His concentration was excellent which has been missing this season I feel.

    The young lad looked really good, linking with Luis really well. I think things are looking pretty good for us and we finally have some direction at the club from top to bottom.

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    • Loki...disagree in terms of u saying it wasnt much of a challenge...after Martinez changed things around at half time I thought Wigan looked a different side and the fact that Pepe had to make four or five excellent stops during the game also tells u Wigan are not a pushover. Louis Suarez...what can I say ?....pure 100% genius ?

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      • Isn't this often the question after a game? When we win is it because we were good or the opposition poor. When we don't get a result is the opposite true. It seemed to me for both the first two goals the Wigan defense was at sixes and sevens, but was that because they are useless or because Courtinho just made them look that way?

        End of the day however Colin I'm in agreement with you here. Anytime you get 4 past a prem side, it’s a good outing. Besides it’s not as if Wigan did not try and make a game of it, Kone was a handful, and Riena had to be called into service a number of times. Let's just hope we can keep up the performance level against Spurs next weekend.

    • Very good to see Reina have a really good game. We haven't been able to say that for a while. Good for him.