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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 4, 2013 15:55 Flag


    I've seen a number of denials of this from Arsenal so not sure how true it is. But I think you have to be very careful with these evaluations Colin. 1.5B looks like a lot to me, but I would expect Arsenal to actually go for a big number if it was sold, for the basic fact they are able to generate a lot more free cash than most if not any other club in the prem other than Utd (which I believe based on the weird stocks they sold is worth in the region of just under 2B).

    When you look at a brand new stadium of 60K which can charge the highest ticket prices in the country, state of the art training ground, and of course the money from the Highbury development, and you can see it’s a money maker, especially as the fans seem all too willing to keep parting with their hard earned cash without really asking for much in return.

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    • Teh alledged bid is also high because it needs to be. The sum needs to be high to get Kronke interested. By all accounts a £1.5billion sale would allow him to pocket £350m. Nice work if you can get it.

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      • Maybe the Arsenal supporters should hope he does take notice.

        I assume this thread was put up to show some parallels between us and Arsenal, and its true we both have American owners, both try to play more possession football, both have fallen away from the top of the league, and therefore maybe should be worth about the same.

        However I would point out one item where we may be very different and that is the ownership. Both our owners are American, and both are very successful in the sports management business; however Kronkie seems to know how to make teams successful financially, but not necessarily on the field of play, while Mr. Henry and Co, seem to have done both.

        btw, while we as supporters maybe understandably think a club that is successful should be worth more, for a businessman the financial results are much more important. So a club that can fill a 60K stadium week after week, and charge premium prices doing it, while also able to keep expenditures down, is worth quite a bit, even if they don’t' win every week.