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  • colin colin Mar 3, 2013 14:42 Flag


    Just read that an Arab consortium out of Quatar have offered the staggering sum of ONE AND A HALF BILLION POUNDS for total control of the club ! Thats almost double what the Glazers paid or rather conned the bank into paying for them for UniTURD. Evidently this offer includes buying up 250 million pounds worth of debt too. So what does that now make FRANCHISE LFC worth....particularly if we were by some stroke of luck to usurp Arsenal's top 4 spot come end of season ?

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    • I've seen a number of denials of this from Arsenal so not sure how true it is. But I think you have to be very careful with these evaluations Colin. 1.5B looks like a lot to me, but I would expect Arsenal to actually go for a big number if it was sold, for the basic fact they are able to generate a lot more free cash than most if not any other club in the prem other than Utd (which I believe based on the weird stocks they sold is worth in the region of just under 2B).

      When you look at a brand new stadium of 60K which can charge the highest ticket prices in the country, state of the art training ground, and of course the money from the Highbury development, and you can see it’s a money maker, especially as the fans seem all too willing to keep parting with their hard earned cash without really asking for much in return.