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  • Jason Jason Mar 4, 2013 00:18 Flag

    Players from the Bottom

    Yea if we start going elsewhere in Europe and talking summer, these wouldn't necessarily be top of the list, so I was just curious amongst the bottom 5 or 6, though I do have to say, for me and it seems you, Benteke, Gaston, and Samba are all the perfect profile of what we need in those areas, and I think Diame could be available as well. I suppose we could go bargain shopping in the league for those players, then look outside the league for 1-2 top top class players, particluarly at the back and up front either out wide, or cam/cf .. I like Ericksson ALOT, but I think he'd take a little while to settle, he's very slight. Coutinho has played alot of matches for his age, Italy has very heavy pitches, and that's why I think he's settled so quickly, and will only get better with an offseason of workouts and training..

    I think we will also be in for Ince again (sidenote) and Coutinho will play a more traditional 10 role like Oscar does for Chelsea, and if we had wide options next year of: Sterling, Ince, Ramirez, Assaidi and Suarez/Sturridge who are adaptable, we could have one heck of an exciting and interchangeable strike force..

    Take all proceeds from sold players, whatever the owners were going to contribute and start a fundraiser, buy Cavani for 58M, and just score 150 goals!

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    • 150 goals. That's only converting 1 in 4 shots assuming we hit 600 shots by the end of the season. Perhaps more. That's doable ;o)

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      • Well, if I'm not mistaken Colyn, it was you who found and posted the stat about two weeks ago that we led all top 5 European Leagues with shots on goal, and that has only increased in the matches since then. We're the highest scoring team in the prem since the start of 2013, and to be honest, if there was any reasonably reason to even think we could add Cavani, in addition to Suarez, Sturridge up front as an attacking 3 with Gerrard/Coutinho/Sterling in support, we would be a devastating force up front, especially considering our recent goals tally, often without Sturridge/Coutinho and Sterling..

        Obviously 150 was a joke we all know, but 90-100 wouldn't be so outlandish, and we've seen that before, ie- Chelsea 3 years ago..