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  • Hobitez Hobitez Mar 4, 2013 09:30 Flag

    Players from the Bottom

    It is very tricky to say because all 3 teams that are down there are well capable of getting out of it, starting from the bottom, I would take the following!
    QPR: Julio Cesar, if Reina was to go, he would do us a job no probs! Samba, no brainer. Wouldnt be upset with Granero either!

    Reading: Nothing thanks! Maybe a little Le Fondre super sub action?!

    Villa: Benteke seems the obvious candidate, not sure I fancy much else they have there!

    Wigan: Kone could be a tidy striking option, likewise, Di Santo is a decent player. Figueroa as a back up left back? Al Habsi has had a bad season but is still a keeper I like.

    Southampton: Gaston is a no brainer, Luke Shaw is probably the most useful asset for us down there, great left back in the making.

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    • Hey Hobsey,

      Decent call on Figeuroa, though I think BR is good at unearthing some hidden gems, and based on how he played vs us at DW the other day, I'm not sure he could even handle training, but I did mean to mention Di Santo, but the more I think about him is, promise and growing, but sort of a waste when we can certainly add someone better..

      A little surprised to hear Cesar, maybe we've seen different matches, but any QPR match shown here where he's played, he's been the brunt of mockery and questioned on how he's even an EPL keeper.. I think he got yanked last week at half time for Green. From what I've seen, he's been abysmal, so again maybe you saw a good game or run I missed, but I'd actually bet he's off back to Italy or a return to Brazil.. he doesn't come out well, not commanding, not physical, and drops/parries gimmes.. The way Reina played vs Wigan was reminiscent of the gold glove winner we all knew and loved, and I'd love to keep that guy

      The one name that we all seem to like, and the more and more I think about it, is one we really outta just buy.. Benteke! He looked as if at any moment if he could get the right ball vs City, he would have broken loose, and always menaced them on any chance he did have. I am very impressed with his pace and technical ability for a player of his size, and put it this way, if he ended up at Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Spurs he'd be a prominent striker. He seems to have alot of upside, and a year under his belt in the prem will have done wonders and I think he could be a 15-20 goal player. I like him alot.

      Obviously if we have a chance for Damaio or someone else of that calibre, I wouldn't say no, but I think we have alot of needs all over, and Benteke fits all the criteria for our profile, IMO..

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      • I saw him get hooked the other day but since he took Green's place he has been great for QPR of late, I have changed my mind though, I don't want him anymore! I hope we keep Reina desperately, if it is Barca though, we are pretty much helpless! Benteke looks decent but I think he is a match of the day player, we all saw Darren Bent score lots of goals for struggling Villa sides, I would actually prefer him on the cheap then a £18m move for Benteke! He looks wonderful one week (anfield) then looks like he has no first touch and cant stay onside the next, If Lukaku becomes available, I would have some of that though! I cant really see us buying another striker really, not a big buy anyway, not unless we ditch Borini, which to me is the best route!