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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 4, 2013 20:40 Flag

    Little message to Colin

    So what are you saying here Colin? Are you saying that because these accounts are out of date and don't take into account current circumstances that the club must be making a profit now, but the owners are taking much of that out for themselves, or that the owners are actually spending on the club everything the club actually brings in, or in fact like this current report, the club is actually spending more than the club is making?

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    • DSTEER LOKI COLYN...please show me a single post where I have definitively stated that the owners FSG are or have been taking money out of the club ? I am on record in these posts of stating categorically that I am not in any way against the owners making a healthy profit. I am I will readily admit also on record in these posts as stating that I "dont trust FSG"....so what ? If I say I "dont trust FSG" does that then mean that in every post where I have stated that it should then automatically be also read as "FSG have taken monies out of the club'...If I say "I dont trust you." Should that automatically also be read as "You are a thief, dishonest and disreputable." of course not....I may not trust u sense of judgement..simple as that with no further necessity to read anything more into it ...let alone posting up putting words in to my mouth as this seems to be all u three can do...oh for the days of Jose Pombal and Paisley Shanks on this board where their was some real divergence of informed opinion instead of this pathetic ganging-up...dont think I will be much longer for this board doesnt seeem too much point in posting up as people will read what it is they want to read into it rather than simply reading what it is Ive actually posted up.

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      • Colin, I think you may be reading a little more into the replies you’re getting than you should. It's not whether you have definitively stated the owners have taken money out of the club, but you have implied the owners cannot be trusted and will sooner rather than later take their cut.

        So you don't trust the owners, that's fine. I'm not sure they've yet earned my full trust yet either. But by the same token they've done nothing for me to say I should not trust them. So call me an optimist if you like, but in the absence of evidence of a conspiracy I have to assume there is no conspiracy.

        Put it this way, when Mr. Henry and Co first came in they said judge us by what we do not what we say, and so far it’s a bit hard to fault them. They've made mistakes, but it seems to me everything they've done has been with the intent of improving the squad, with nothing done to enrich themselves, and in fact done quite the opposite by trusting people at the club with their money again and again, so what's not to trust.

        As for Pombal and P&S, some days I do miss the comical side of things in the days when they'd post regularly. However while getting a contrarian view point can stir debate, when an obvious wind up merchant descends to vulgarity and personal abuse because they can't keep up civilized debate, as often happened in those days, I'm not sure in reflection they added to the quality of the board, even if they did often generate quite a bit of volume on the boards.

    • dsteer...Im not saying anything other than what was said in the article whereas Loki wants to use it as definitive proof that the owners have made nothing since buying the club and have taken nothing out since this time. All it is is the reporting of one particular financial period and what the article said is that had the report been for a couple months later it would have painted a very different picture...make what u like of it. You want people to believe we are owned by benevolent altruistic owners fine...your free to try and convince who u like of such an opinion..likewise Loki. Me I think we are owned by hard headed American Businessmen and such people will do what proves best for their own interests when such a time arrives and at that point we are just a commodity sold on to the highest bidder and look what happened when Moores sold on !...???

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      • So is it fair to say that during the reporting period, or in fact from the point FSG bought the club until the end of the reporting period, which is the end of last season, that FSG has not taken any money out of the club? Now we don't know if they have since that time taken money out for themselves, and the article does not prove they have not, but then again there is no evidence that they have, as some may have suggested.

        I don't disagree with you that we are owned by savvy businessmen who know the sports business very well, although I'm not sure what you mean by "Hard headed American Businessmen" as you've used that term a few times before and it could be construed with a negative connotation meaning people who are only interested in profit no matter the cost. But that said, it would seem to me, based on not just what they say, but also the evidence so far (what we know they've spent, and what the financial reports tell us so far) that they are in it for the longer term, as they do keep spending, and at a rate one would assume is at or close to our current income, but have yet to see any reported profit.

      • I've got to dive in here and pretty much agree with what Loki and DSteer are saying below. This new board format still frustrates!

        Firstly the report does not show any payments from the club to FSG. So that shoots down Colin's argumentright there.

        Secondly if FSG want to make money out of the club what's the big problem with that? They can't do it now because the value hasn't gone anywhere in my opinion. Come on Colin tell us cause I haven't got the foggiest how they can do that right now.

        I've said it before and I'll say it again (I hope this time it sinks in). The best way fo FSG to make money out of LFC is to make it successful. If they can achieve through a policy of attracting and developing young talent and playing attractive football tell me what is the problem with that?

        Not one of your arguments makes any sense to me whatsoever. In my opinion LFC has not grown substantially in value since they arrived. Revenue has grown which helps but there's no European football next year and our league position hasn't changed dramatically. There's no new stadium so where's the increase in value coming from? Nowhere, that's the honest answer because there's less games, less game revenue and less marketing opportunity from the lack of European competition.