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  • colin colin Mar 5, 2013 18:31 Flag

    Little message to Colin

    Loki the reason that I posted this stuff up about the accounts was cos i thought u guys might have been interested to the extent that it was this very matter that is so governed by FFP that u have spoken so much about and I wanted to point out... IF u had read the article carefully u self u would have seen it.... that even though it looked like we had lost money it was stated that as the next posting period came up it would reflect the reverse of this which would in essence make the picture look somewhat rosier inthe next quarters reporting...however the whole thing has turned into..yet again...Colin says" FSG ARE TAKING MONEY OUT OF THE CLUB"...something I have never actually posted up so clearly u have it in for me and not a lot I can do about it.

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    • Jesus Colin this is a discussion board. Not East germany and i am not the Staasi! dont go all paranoid on us! I don't have it in for anyone. The boards are for debate persuasion and opposing opinions.i wouldnt be on here if everybody agreed all the time.

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      • Loki u statement here doesnt indicate to me or anyone else on this board just where or when I posted up that I "I THINK THE OWNERS ARE TAKING MONEY OUT OF THE CLUB." ? However Im not that bothered just at the moment as its just a few minutes after my new hero the Turkish Ref blew full time at Old Toilet and UniTURD were dumped out of ECLC ...oOh yes dreams do sometimes come true...Come on ..lets all laugh out loud together...isnt it lovely !