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  • Hobitez Hobitez Mar 6, 2013 09:34 Flag

    Team to face Spurs at Anfield?

    I kinda think it might be a case of having to try and outscore each other! It just smells of a 4-3 with a pair of high defensive lines and relatively slow centre halves with monstrously pacey and tricky forward players, in which case, it will no doubt be 0-0!

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    • To be honest, I'll be 100% sure Brendan has some additional method of dealing with Bale, unlike Mr. Whinger last weekend who said he had no such plan, and that worked out magnificently for Arsenal, as their defense always does for them.

      I have seen him line up centrally recently, so they could start him there, but with Defoe set to start, I'd imagine they will use Dembele (or Dempsey if fit / Gylfi) to sit in the hole as more natural fits, and probably do the usual Bale/Lennon combo. I happen to think on top of is very good form of late, and this season vs last, Downing has an exceptional work rate, so he along with Glen give enough over there, with the right midfielder shading that way.. I would have Lucas concentrate on being the central sweeper, because if he gets caught in a race with either side, or loses his concentration, they'll score one of those goals they did in succession vs Arsenal. So the plan seems simple, as I'm trying to describle it, but I think the best way to deal with it, is match pressure for pressure..

      Basically if it's Downing, have him run his Fing socks off pressing, and have Glen carefully and selectively raid down that side, with Allen or whomever slight sliding over, and if overlapping Downing, he then drop deep immediately. More or less an aggressive version of counter attack down that side. I think if fit, Enrique and Agger can nullify Lennon a bit.. Since I just said that, he'll score 3 now..

      But again, I think it's two in form teams and the 2 in form players, and a real tactical battle, where we have to hope for one of our others to step up and make a moment of magic. Spurs don't score alot, but they score when needed, so we may need the same.. Enter xyz hero !! I wouldn't be bitterly disappointed with a draw, but I really believe we can win.

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      • I think it will be Bale through the middle however the sky line up might demonstrate it, the last 2 times I have seen Gylfi showing as playing through the middle but has then line up the left and come inside a lot despite the natural assumption he would be in the hole and Bale would be wide, seeing as on paper, it is their natural positions! I think they will line up like so, if the players are fit enough after Thursday:


        I think that is probably their strongest team right now as well, though I have seen Vertonghen go lb and bring in Gallas, I doubt that will happen at Anfield though as height in defence will not be a concern against our midgets!