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    Team to face Spurs at Anfield?

    With other sides in Cup action this weekend, it is a chance to make up a little ground, a win could put us 9 points behind Spurs, 7 points behind Chelsea, 2 points behind Arsenal and for the first time in ages, above Everton. Of course, all of this is 'if' we can beat Spurs. Earlier in the season Spurs took a 2 goal lead against us through a Bale free kick incorrectly awarded for a Dempsey dive and then Lennon took advantage of Downings poor defensive positioning whilst playing at left back. From then on in, we absolutely dominated them but couldn't take anything from the match, there is some revenge that needs addressing.

    Spurs have a home Europa match vs Inter Milan this thursday and they are in excellent Serie A form right now, especially considering they have no fit strikers, you know its bad when you try and get Van Nistelrooy and Carew out of retirement! That has to be a bonus for us, also, Dembele took a knock against Arsenal, it might not be too serious but him not playing on Sunday will be a massive bonus, he has provided Bale with a lot of service this season. The good news is that Daniel Sturridge should be back involved as well so we might even have a nice selection dilemna after the fantastic Wigan performance. This is a huge game for us, Spurs could kill our faint hopes, we could revitalise our own. This one has me buzzing although I am always a little nervous of the Spurs threat, Bale will relish playing on the break against a possesion side, likewise Lennon and Siggurdson who looks to be coming to form.


    Subs: Gulacsi, Skrtel, Wisdom, Henderson, Allen, Assaidi, Shelvey

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    • I would be happy if you start with that MF because I think Dembele and Parker would be to strong for Coutinho and Downing if they move inside, and that would leave a lot of space out wide for our pacemen. You would have a lot of threat going forward, but weak when defending IMO. Depending how we get through the Inter game with regards to injuries, then I think it should be a great game. Adebayor has really been very poor this season, so hopefully Defoe has no set back to his injury and plays, even though we lose Adebayors height, although JC and Agger would have no trouble against him. Looking forward to a great game.

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      • I kinda think it might be a case of having to try and outscore each other! It just smells of a 4-3 with a pair of high defensive lines and relatively slow centre halves with monstrously pacey and tricky forward players, in which case, it will no doubt be 0-0!

      • I'm really not sure what the story is with Skrtel since I know he was actually injured, but there was a pretty bad interview he gave on Sky where I basically can't see him staying, unless it was Rodgers pulling a "Downing/Hendo/Enrique" kick up the #$%$ thing.. If he's 100%, I have to have him regardless of Carra's recent run, because Carra was a little error prone in the Wigan match, similar to the give away vs Zenit and Hulk, and I just can't see a good matchup with Defoe, Bale, Lennon, and Dembele up there with all their pace and creativity. I also decided that we should employ the new 3 RB system, while managing to only seem like we have 11 out there. I thought Allen was great vs Wigan, back to his early doors form, but I think Henderson could also come in for his pace, work rate and size to pair with Lucas, or to play forward with Gerrard deeper. I could even see Sturridge not starting, with Coutinho to trouble Walker, but I could also see Suarez there like the Arsenal match vs Sagna..

        Basically, I see this as the 2 most in form players in the league, and offensively in form teams going head to head, and one big chess match. I don't really rate AVB as a good tactician, and if there's every been a 1 man show, it's the Tottenham Balespurs, though Defoe back and Lennon scoring makes them very scary.. I do think BR can out think AVB, but it comes down to the starting 11's, and Spurs may have issues after Europa so who knows.. We know we'll have our best 11 based on a week's rest/training and who Brendan deems best for this one which could be an incredible result, especially since I think we've won 1 in 5 vs them, maybe 1 in 6?

        Wisdom - Skrtel-Agger - Enrique

        Gulasci, Carra, Wisdom, Hendo, Jonjo, Coutinho, Sterling

    • For what it's worth, I would play the Allen in the middle with Suarez up top on his own and Gerrard in support. Bale is playing a free role in behind the striker and I reckon we'll need two holding mids to stop him. Sturridge can be called on as a plan B if they go ahead.

    • This one makes me nervous. All season we've leaked (well poured actualy) goals against sides that can catch us in possession in our own half and break quickly. Bale fits into that slot all on his own. He will drift around along a similar line to Lucas and I'm sure he will give him a busy day. If Defoe is back to full fitness that gives us an added problem. Adebayor would have been a lot easier to handle.

      I agree with your side there Hobs. I think it's the best we can put out at the moment and I hope Downing and Coutinho can keep their full backs busy. Gerrard needs to dominate the middle of the park. A slightly different opton is to stick Henderson or Shelvey in the middle to stiffen that area up and play more of a 4-3-3 in attack or 4-5-1 when defending. That would mean Sturidge would be benched. Tough call as we've been very blunt without him

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      • Or very blunt till the last couple of games anyway, didnt look to have more then the odd goal or 2 in us. I don't think we will go man for man to take Bale out of the game although hatcheting him might not be a bad idea! I guess, it could make sense to nullify his offence by making him defend for the whole game! There will undoubtedly be moments when he becomes free, running between our midfield and defence, he needs to be shackled, then you go a long way to beating them, of course, this is a lot easier said then done! Absolutely agree that I would prefer to have Adebayor against us then Defoe, he is a lazy looking guy and doesn't seem to have any pace at all anymore, Defoe is a nightmare when fully fit, he has a decent record against us too.