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  • colin colin Mar 6, 2013 12:56 Flag

    The latest account figures

    Colyn...glad u read this stuff mate its what I was trying to indicate in that thread I started when I said if the figures had been reported couple months later it would have reflected a very different picture where monies IN monies OUT were concerned. Thats accounting though books can very often paint a bleak or bright picture of essentially the same situation dependent upon when u are required to report.

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    • Cheers Colin. I read it. Understanding it is another matter. There's a lot in there but when you consider that it's reporting a period that finished nearly a year ago, and football deals (transfers) span a number of years typically then you can see our problems stemming from a poor transfer policy.

      It always astounds me how much damage those Cowboys did as well. They truly ripped every penny they could and the report illustrates that only last year were we finally shaking lose from their influence.

      What you say is true as well. The press have latched onto the debt increase but there's more in there. Revenue is up despite no Euro football. We're the only club in the Elite top 10 of money earned that isn't in Europe.

      Sadly though I think this seasons poor cup runs will hit us a bit. Less games etc. Europe is still the ultimate aim though. It's worth £30m a season!

      I'm trying to get round our costs which are very high. I'm just rying to understand what's in there.

      The exceptional costs makes ineteresting reading. Nearly £10m of ouch which included the costs of getting rid of Kenny and his staff. Not sure what else is in there. Next year will include Joe Cole's pay off. Ouch