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    Obsession, British Press, Utd

    Only a short one as this is not Liverpool but Utd, but felt it worth posting.

    Personally I'm getting a bit sick of all the press attention over Nani's Red Card the other night. I really think there is an obsession over Utd in the press sometimes, and while a controversial sending off causing a club to fall out of the CL would always been a story, I'm really not sure any other club would have got the mass sympathy of Fleet Street the way SAF has.

    First off, maybe the card was harsh, but technically dangerous and reckless play can warrant a red card. Intent is all but impossible to determine and actually irrelevant. How a player is playing is either reckless and or dangerous or not, it does not matter whether you mean it to be reckless or not. Of all people I think Roy Keane has had the most sober reflection on events, and we all know he's no stranger to red cards.

    Second, why no condemnation from the press on how SAF and Utd acted after the game? Rio avoids any sanction for the slow clap. I suppose respect is only enforced on a piecemeal basis. I do see the club has been fined for not fulfilling the media requirements, but seems the British press are not offended by not getting a chance to interview players after the match. Is that because by now they are used to SAF writing his own rules?

    I'm not trying to write an anti manc bit here, but to be honest I just think if this had happened to Chelsea, or Arsenal or any other prem club in Europe the story would have been filtered through a different lens other than "poor Utd". Chances are if this had happened to any other English club the blame would have been directed at that clubs manager rather than anyone else.

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    • I agree with the sentiment. It was harsh and I can understand Utd fans feeling hard done by but the media reaction has been laughable - you'd think he'd sent RVP off in the warm up for being Dutch.

      I've just watched Bale pick up another (6th of the season?) yellow for diving. The commentator mentioned "well, there wasn't much contact was there" as his only criticism. I'm not expecting much commentary about it in the media tomorrow either. Lucky he's British and not one of those dirty foreigners eh?