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  • colin colin Mar 8, 2013 18:22 Flag

    How can afford the players we need?

    Loki Im a supporter of our club now for 57 yrs...times change. What Im not and have repeatedly posted the fact is an accountant.However Im sure our club employs in some capacity one or two accountants who know their way around the block and back. The PPF will not, again as Ive repeatedly posted , be the be all and end all of regulation of Premier League clubs. It is a racing certainty that there will be plenty of loopholes u can drive a couple double decker buses through. I mean how many rich people do u ever encounter exclaiming "OH woe is me income tax is killing me !" NOT many thats for sure eh ? Why not ? Cos they all have great accountants who find tons of loopholes and shelters for them to stash their cash around FSG are no different and anyone thinks they are is just plain naieve. An interest free loan well...maybe it counts towards profit something the club has made I dont know but...Im sure FSG's accountancy firm does. In the meantime I will say Ive been posting up that we need a super stadium where the long term is concerned ...why do u think we havent got one ? Because the owners weve had have all said the same thing lets think about it and the thinking about it went on for yrs and yrs and yrs and...u get the picture ?
    Also Ive been posting up buy proven world class quality ....Why ? Because liike u I saw how crucial the next two upcoming seasons were going to be for the club and bargain basement buys and 10 mill squid numpties like Borini are not going to get things done we need to get ourselves in the game next season and we need the players to do it with and if it means debt .....