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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 9, 2013 13:17 Flag

    How can afford the players we need?

    It's a really good question and it's one I cant answer. Ian Ayre could. For me the debt isn't a massive massive concern. Our costs are. To me they look crazy high, right up there with the amount of money we've actually got coming in. The debt on the other hand is manageable and our debt over the period is actually coming down. That's good as it signals that the club is starting to manage its costs.

    Back to the costs. My concern is there and I can understand why the club is trying hard to get wages under control. It also enrages me as yet again it shows the state of affairs we were in under the American con men. I would seriously lke to know who was negotiating contracts that time. I also understand that our payments to agents is very high. That obviously needs to stop.

    Another concern is that our revenue was propped up by the League and FA cup runs. No such luxury this year.

    Quite honestly I don't know. There's more PL money next year. Sponsors, lower wage bill etc. but honestly I cant see how that will add up to a big signing or two.

    As far as the stadium goes my understanding is that it is happening quietly behind the scenes. There's a mountain of discussion going on with Liverpool City Council, residents and the like.

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