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  • Jason Jason Mar 10, 2013 16:05 Flag

    How can afford the players we need?

    I've been doing some reading on this in various mediums, internet, magazine, articles etc., so I hope to provide some things that may not be available on the other side of the swimming pool, and I'd like to comment on some of the things said and referenced above, but thought I'd share these excerpts for now.. Unfortunately, I don't like saying it, but I also have no problem with saying it, alot of this occured in the last 2 seasons, and particulary in an 18 month period with a very prominent LFC club icon in the middle.

    (If they'd known better, and more about the players they were investing in, this would have been minimized)

    'Liverpool's owners have incurred "painful'' financial results stemming from their investment in players who have failed to re-establish the club as a European power.

    The debt of the team, owned by the parent company of the Boston Red Sox, rose by one-third to 87.2 million pounds (about $131 million), according to figures released Monday. The club lost 40.5 million pounds (about $61 million) during the 2011-12 season.

    The results show winning last year's League Cup, which ended a six-year title drought, had minimal financial impact.

    Heavy spending before the 2011-12 season - including more than $50 million on Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson, didn't result in an upturn on the field.'

    I did find some very good, positive and pleasant reading as well, so while it's concerning, we all know why alot of it happened (bad buys at horrendous fees, and horrible wage packages), as does Ayre, Rodgers and the Owners:

    "Revenue increased by 5 million pounds (about $7 million) from the 184 million pounds (about $275 million) reported for 2010-11. Man United's revenue by comparison in 2011-12 reached 320 million pounds (about $480 million)." So we can see that we're behind the league leaders, and world's largest/2nd largest club, but that gap in commercial money, and marketing deals, has continued to grow under FSG, and there's strong suggestion of another 1-2 big ones this summer. (Deals that is)

    "Ayre accepts the club must "improve revenues and manage our cost base effectively.''

    "I take comfort in the fact that the work we have done, some of which costs us a lot of money in this period and beyond, looks pretty painful at the time,'' managing director Ian Ayre said. "But as long as you invest in it and manage it in the right way, then hopefully it bears fruit as we go forward.''

    Rodgers : (I'm sure you may have read this already, but everyone quotes/words differently)

    “In terms of me building the squad, I've already got the assurances that it won't affect anything,” he told reporters.

    "They've made every promise and every commitment to me that every single penny that they have will go in to regenerate the squad and make it better.

    "We won't be able to do it like some clubs and throw out masses each year. But we're looking to make sure we can grow the club and bring in quality players - and that won't stop."

    "If you look at where the club was at four years ago, and where it is now, it's in a different place," he continued.

    "Of course, there's still debts there and there have been announcements made on that. I think next year's results will show further improvement on that.

    "You have to give massive credit to the board here. FSG took on an astronomical amount of debt, over £400 million. Where it's at now, given the short time they've been here, is a huge credit to them, and they're still supporting the investment in the team.”

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    • Jason...First lets look at "those buys"...Hendo,hes come good hes a valuable member of the squad and has shown good form recently. Stuart Downing,hes shown real commitment doneeverything that has been asked of him tactically and is a much improved player and Id say these days is considered to be an automatic starter he looks hungry to succeed, Louis Suarez ...what can I say Im searching for an adequate superlative ? Andy Carrol has shown some good form for WHU since coming back from injury but could represent a financial loss to the club if sold on end of season a loss I estimate taking into acc the 3 mill loan fee paid by WHU to us of probably approx 15 mill thats a pretty heavy loss on investment that I will admit but dont tell me the other buys havent overall been worth the money and as such should be sold...u want to sell Hendo Downing and Suarez...oh no my friend. They all played today.
      Now lets look at BR's buys...TEN AND A HALF MILL QUID FOR ...BORINI ? 16 MILL for Joe Allen who it seems must now undergo a shoulder op...3 mill for Assaidi he hasnt proved himself is rarely used as a sub Coutinho 10 mill looks very promising Sturridge for me looks a bargain basement buy at 12 mill compare that withthe Borini buy ??? So overall Kennys buys look pretty solid investments right now with the exception of Andy C so when hes sold on he could represent a loss of approx 15 mill. Now think Hendo held value Downing held value Suarez value sky is thelimit for possibly currently the best player in the world Kennys signing for the club but all we ever seem to hear is whinging about the price of Andy Carrol nobody moaning about the 22 mill for Suarez eh. BR's buys Couhtino worth the money surely Borini value NOTHING seriously perhaps a couple mill Joe Allenj on curent form about at best 5 mill Assaidi at besrt a mill so being charitable overall a loss of perhaps 20 mill at current value but lets say Sturridge and Couhtino worth a couple each more than we paid and working out asset value Kenny comes out way on top in terms of his "buys" for the club. So not sure just how this legend of Liverpool FC has damaged the club financially ?

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      • Colin,
        I didn't write the articles I read, or make those my own quotes, they belong to someone else. I also did say I want to sell Suarez EVER, I asked it once as a question playing devil's advocate.. If someone offered me 75M, then yes I'd probably consider it, but other than that, no way.

        In reference to the other players, it took public and private comments, of a harsh nature, from Brendan Rodgers for Downing, Henderson, and Enrique to all realize that they were underperforming, would be allowed to leave, and wouldn't have a role in the squad if they didn't improve. Everyone criticized Rodgers for it, yet now Downing is a very valuable player, but he's on 70-80k wages, so rest assured if he doesn't take a wage cut, he'll be off. Jordan is showing he's better than he was last year, but he's still not justified the 16M tag he came with by any means, and while I think he can get alot better, unlike City or Chelsea, we can't afford to have that type of money sitting on the bench. Enrique has become a revelation going forward, also as a result of Rodgers public foot up his #$%$

        In regards to those 2 (not enrique) Henderson and Downing, the 35M spent on Andy and let us not forget our friend and contender for Player of the Year, Uncle Charlie Adam who mostly rides the bench at mighty Stoke, who cost another 8-9M. Those 4, not including wages, cost close to 80M Pounds... If I said "Hey Colin, you're in charge, go buy whoever you want for LFC as the manager, here's 80M pounds", would you have bought any of those 4 players? I'm pretty certain, seeing you as the general football fan as you are, you would have bought the very best players you could from anywhere in Europe. Yes, I know Carroll came before them, but when the chairman of Bayern says 21M was laughable in trying to buy Mario Gomez, or De Llaurentisof Napoli said "42 Million" for Edinson Cavani, the buy of Andy Carroll for 35M to replace Fernando Torres, who at the time was in great form under Kenny, looks absolutely ridiculous. For 7M more, we could have had Cavani, and for 30M we could have Gomez.. you can look those 2 up by the way.. but it puts things in perspective.

        I think after 3 games you decided Borini was no good and a complete waste of money, and to be fair, I can't really support him much because he hasn't done much, but he'll have missed 6 months of the season from 2 injuries, and is a 21 yo striker who changed 6 clubs in 2 years, and lived in 9 different places. I think he outta get a full summer's worth and if he can't hack it, he's gone next January. As far as Allen goes, I agree the fee was excessive for sure, but there wasn't a single person on this board in the first 2 months complaining when he was winning player of the month, and superb, but since has lost form and broken down (he now needs shoulder surgery) and is only 22 years old. So, much like Henderson, who's just slightly younger, he certainly can improve, but he won't grow any taller unfortunately. As for Assaidi, we all have to wait and see.. when he has played, he's been nothing short of exciting, but he's a bit slight, so my guess is he needs to bulk up this summer, and if it doesn't work out, we paid 3M.. no biggie

        I'm not blaming Kenny for the club's situation, but I am reciting quotes found in several places, and the signings that didn't work out, Adam, Carroll and possibly Downing or Henderson come this summer, certainly hurt, considering what was paid, what the return was, and what will be recouped.