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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 11, 2013 08:53 Flag

    How can afford the players we need?

    Colin I think it's a little harsh in comparing Downing and Henderson to Borini and Allen. It's taken quite a long time for them to show any type of form or quality while Borini and Allen have hardly had a season. However, I share your concerns on Borini while Allen is a player I'm prepared to sit on. There's somehing about him that gives me encouragement that he'll come good. He looks calm on the ball and that, to me is an indicator of quality.

    Carroll was a £35m bomb that's for sure but assuming that Newcastle have been paid in full then I suspect that his purchase is included in the account figures we've just seen. Torres' fee was. Therefore if we sold him then it can be considered as money in the bank. At the moment he's an asset that's doing nothing for the club and is therefore a waste. He comes back and plays or he gets sold. Otherwise he's a pointless asset. So in a twisted accounting type of way the loss in his purchase has already been incurred. It can be argued that we've already taken the hit on him by agreeing to the £35m fee and paying it! It's very frustrating that it's another example of our really poor performance in the transfer market of late. Remember that we also pay more to agents than any other club as well and the frustration is increased. It had to stop. I think they're getting a grip on it now and thanks to Jason's insight it's why Gaston Ramirez is at Southampton and not Anfield. I'm also really encouraged that at long last we've got 2 players in Sturridge and Coutinho that are affordable and have hit the ground running.

    As I said above the debt is not a huge issue but our costs are. I would really like to see a comparison with this years costs and a full breakdown of what they are. Pipe dream though, I'll have to wait.

    The revenue is also a concern but it's going up despite the lack of CL football but the gap between us and Them is pretty huge. That's the true scale of the errors made by Moores and our previous owners.