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  • Jason Jason Mar 10, 2013 18:36 Flag

    Never say Die

    I always wondered what the hell to call you haha..!! "Hi Oonts" just didn't sound right.. That's 4 wins in a row for the first time in 3 seasons.. definitely a sign of going in the wrong direction for sure..

    At any rate, we were actually rather poor for the first time in a while, but were a determined bunch like you say and found a way to win "ugly" as we tried to do last year..

    Well done however they did it! YNWA

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    • Jason ...no idea what match u were watching today but if u thought we "were rather poor" it couldnt have been the same match I watched....I thought we were superb. When the match could have slipped away from us at 1.2 we held our nerve played our way back in and started to press high up the field mixed up the play book a little , some lovely give and go moves ran directly at their defense and showed spirit in fighting for every 50/50 ball till we pulled level and finally overcame the most in form team in the Prem....What more could u ask for ? Think Downing had a stormer of a game too. Louis as always was inspirational magnificent...lets see more of this stuff at Southampton !

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      • To be fair I think it was a match with a lot of ebbs and flow, with both sides dominate at certain points. First half I think we look by far the better side until they got their equalizer. But for the first 15 minutes or so of the second including them getting the go ahead goal I do think we looked poor. Our passing was off, could not hold possession, and were relying on last ditch defending.

        Actually credit to BR to bring on Allen for Coutinho, which at the time I thought he'd get roasted for if we had lost, but ended up being a very good tactical move. It took a few minutes for Allen to settle in, but think we gain a lot more control at that point, and after Downing’s goal had the confidence to push for the win.

        It's fair to say we capitalized on a horrendous back pass to get that Downing equalizer, so I'm sure most Spurs fans feel hard done by. However I might assign a little bit of luck to both of the Spurs goals (which we all know happens in football). For the first it was a very good cross from Bale, however just seconds before that he'd been off the pitch receiving treatment for a head injury, and had been rolling around for a few minutes before that. With such a speedy and strong recover (based on how well he played the rest of the match) I do wonder how badly he was hurt, and or if he was trying to get Stevie a yellow. I also question how soft the foul was that set up the free kick for their second. Lucas to me looked like he bushed his face with a trailing harm but Gareth went down as if he'd been punched full in the face. I thought only those pesky foreign players did that!

        But end of the day, while not our best outing in terms of domination, I would put it up amongst our strongest, because it took quality, but more importantly strength of character to get past a very good Spurs side.

      • With Rodgers planning to have 2 players for every outfield position and 3 goalkeepers.. then have young players as back ups.. sounds like he has a good plan in order..