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  • No quit in these Reds. What a comeback. Magnificent Liverpool. A brilliant stepping stone to the remaining matches of the season.

    Yahoo dumped my oonts_oonts_oonts moniker so I reckon I'll soldier on as plain old Oscar. Don't know what Yahoo has done to the message boards , but what a mess. Hard to keep track of .....or in some cases to respond to messages. Do they consider this as being an improvement?

    At any rate , brilliant Liverpool. Onward and upward. YNWA.

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    • Well thats all well and good.. but we must regain and keep possession.. never give the ball back to our opponents.. I agree Yahoo has screwed up with the messageboards I couldn't post or reply to anything since they changed things until today.

    • Oscar....superb match ! At last we showed the fighting spirit of Liverpool FC ! Going hell for leather for every 50/50 ball .....loved it ! Why cant we play like this every week ? Today we beat what imo is currently probably the most fluent in form team in the Prem. However just one question...seems Joe Allen was coping with a recurrent shoulder problem which it now seems he will have to have an op for...so...why was he on the bench today and why was he subbed on for Sturridge with such a condition ? Isnt this a rather risky manoevre wit a 15 mill quid investment ?

    • I always wondered what the hell to call you haha..!! "Hi Oonts" just didn't sound right.. That's 4 wins in a row for the first time in 3 seasons.. definitely a sign of going in the wrong direction for sure..

      At any rate, we were actually rather poor for the first time in a while, but were a determined bunch like you say and found a way to win "ugly" as we tried to do last year..

      Well done however they did it! YNWA

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      • Jason ...no idea what match u were watching today but if u thought we "were rather poor" it couldnt have been the same match I watched....I thought we were superb. When the match could have slipped away from us at 1.2 we held our nerve played our way back in and started to press high up the field mixed up the play book a little , some lovely give and go moves ran directly at their defense and showed spirit in fighting for every 50/50 ball till we pulled level and finally overcame the most in form team in the Prem....What more could u ask for ? Think Downing had a stormer of a game too. Louis as always was inspirational magnificent...lets see more of this stuff at Southampton !