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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 13, 2013 14:22 Flag

    Tiki taka is poo

    Many thanks Colin.
    yes I agree I too have seen some of the same defending intent when we lose the ball. We do howver need to make sure that we dont lose it in our own half. We've been guilty of it too many times this season. We've paid dearly for it too. I'm with you. You cant have enough options and movement in my book.

    Your points on move is a really good one. It's certainly something that UK players in particular struggle with. Barca last night was interesting in that while in possession it was almost like they were were simply probing but not really going for the kill. Lose possession however they hunted the ball down and if they regained it they would strike. It was almost like playing on the counter but doing it in the oppositions half.