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  • colin colin Mar 13, 2013 12:04 Flag

    Tiki taka is poo

    Loki...ok I hold my hand up...I cant say fairer than that can I. Watched Barca last night at their majestic best...unbeatable. BUT...what I stated in my posts was nothing like what u are admittedly in something of a wind-up posting here. I have never posted up that TIKI TAKA was a rubbish tactic I simply stated as the title of the thread stated that it was in its "death throes." Why ? Because as u well know Barca do not play like they played last night all the time, last night was the peak of their game. All I was stating was that imo it has run its course as a tactic that a side can employ to the exclusion of all other alternatives. Why ? Because far too many coaches have tippled to how to generally combat it effectively. Also Tiki Taka is NOT pass and move...it can be when played to perfection but we HAD been playing pass to the nearest red shirt to deny the opposition possession the MOVE part for much of the season has seemed absent.
    Also if u can find a post Ive put up that states we "We need to mix it up more with more balls lumped forward." I will then readily hold my hand up again BUT please dont give me all the malarkey of " Well..you certainly "implied" as much." Ive already gone through all that refuting the "implied" nonesense on other posts here no need to rehash any of that. Simply put I "implied" nothing; what occurred was u placed your "interpretation" on what I stated in my posts and subsequently in u responses attempted to "imply" that what u had interpreted from my post is what I had actually stated. What I have been wanting to see is the MOVE side of PASS AND MOVE incorporated more into our game and stated that I wish the players we actually have who are capable of "showing" the ball to a defender then actually taking him on and by beating him temporarily taking him out of the game and therefrore technically speaking leaving one of your own players unmarked is what I have meant by "mixing up the playbook" btw read up on the legend of Stanley Mathews to understand the concept of "showing the ball". Stuart Downing has been masterful recently in doing just this thing and is the reason imo that we are starting to see what Kenny saw in him when he was bought. Couhtino , encouragingly looks like another along with Suarez capable of showing the ball tooand is doing so already its what denotes talent...I can take mediocre players and make a good team out of them if they play the tactics to perfection what I cant do is instill natural talent the kind of gift George Best Suarez Messi Maradonna Stan Mathews Pele and many many more were gifted with and when u have that kind of player on your books u should make sure they stay there ! Mediocre players to play to a "system" u can find anywhere.
    Football is a strange game on the day anybody can beat anybody ( Oldham Athletic @ Boundary Park FA CUP ring any bells ?) Thats why there are bookies on every street corner. BUT dont want to take anything away from Barca they were absolutely SUPERB last night !

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    • Judging by the Tolstoy-esque length of that post I must have hit a raw nerve there eh Col? I was just taking the p!ss Colin, I respect your opinions greatly. It's no good anyone agreeing all the time is it?

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      • Loki..I do "agree" with u there on that we cant all be agreeing all the time.Glad u are still on te board with the others here as I happen to respect u opinions too and consider u a very knowledgeable football man..and well worth debating with. Its good to see the lads fighting back the way they did on Sunday v Spurs and really its that that finally has me convinced we ARE moving in the right direction ...and as Stevie said today we NEED a perfect finish tothe season ..lets hope the lads have the committment to do that. A good start would be to pick up all three points v Southampton..for me they should watch out for a winger they have Jason Puncheon seen him play a lot and I hope they are on to him and close him down quickly.