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  • Loki Loki Mar 13, 2013 17:54 Flag

    Tiki taka is poo

    Judging by the Tolstoy-esque length of that post I must have hit a raw nerve there eh Col? I was just taking the p!ss Colin, I respect your opinions greatly. It's no good anyone agreeing all the time is it?

    • Loki..I do "agree" with u there on that we cant all be agreeing all the time.Glad u are still on te board with the others here as I happen to respect u opinions too and consider u a very knowledgeable football man..and well worth debating with. Its good to see the lads fighting back the way they did on Sunday v Spurs and really its that that finally has me convinced we ARE moving in the right direction ...and as Stevie said today we NEED a perfect finish tothe season ..lets hope the lads have the committment to do that. A good start would be to pick up all three points v Southampton..for me they should watch out for a winger they have Jason Puncheon seen him play a lot and I hope they are on to him and close him down quickly.