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  • colin colin Mar 13, 2013 23:35 Flag

    Tiki taka is poo

    Loki..I do "agree" with u there on that we cant all be agreeing all the time.Glad u are still on te board with the others here as I happen to respect u opinions too and consider u a very knowledgeable football man..and well worth debating with. Its good to see the lads fighting back the way they did on Sunday v Spurs and really its that that finally has me convinced we ARE moving in the right direction ...and as Stevie said today we NEED a perfect finish tothe season ..lets hope the lads have the committment to do that. A good start would be to pick up all three points v Southampton..for me they should watch out for a winger they have Jason Puncheon seen him play a lot and I hope they are on to him and close him down quickly.

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    • Good post Colin. I too have noticed that we played with a higher intensity of late.

      One thing that's a little bit subtle is that people may recall that I've been advocating a good European run combined with good football as part of a "marketing strategy" for want of a better term. People, the media in particular notice this. Get the media on side and you're onto a winner. Bilbao did it last season. Tottenham this year, I mean Bale for example can do no wrong despite the diving. Good football and good publicity makes money. Even Barcelona now are being lauded after the other nights performance.

      Something for people to think about as I'm sorry Loki but Allardyce wont reach that level. ;o)