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  • RonJ RonJ Mar 14, 2013 13:44 Flag

    Kevin Gameiro.

    striker, striker, striker, striker??????????is this record getting a little bit stuck on these boards? what about a defender or two? we are begining to look a little short on that front right now particularly central defenders who can win a ball in the air.

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    • Fair point Ron. Only quoting what I saw in the media this morning. There was talk of Swansea's Williams as well. Arsenal were interested too. Not sure if we'd be favourites there but Rodgers Swansea connection cant do any harm.

    • Especially with Jamie retiring.. so yea we'll need a defender with great awareness and be able to tackle the high crosses and high balls.. A striker will be coming I guess as well we do need people in the middle too.. we'll need to have enough depth to deal with all competitions: EPL. Europa, F.A & league cup runs..

    • I do agree with you here Ron. Last summer it was stock up on midfielders, while if we're to believe the press reports this summer it will be strikers/wingers we'll be buying. Now not to say we could not improve in all parts of the squad, including up front, but the priority has to be at the back. As of late we've not had an issue scoring, and all season we've been creating, but our Achilles heel has been at the back.

      But add to that what had been our 3rd choice, and now 2nd choice CB is retiring and he needs to be replaced. Also hear rumor here and there that Skrtel might be off. For me if Skrtel does leave, we need a seasoned veteran who can walk into the starting 11, and a backup. If Skrtel does stay then maybe we can just go for a single defender.

      Another factor is how the youngsters are judged between now and next season. Many of us like the looks of Wisdom and assume he'll end up a CB. But have any of us seen him play there and is he ready to take on that role even as a backup? Coates should be ready, but is he? What about Wilson, he's out on loan in Scotland but not sure how he's doing. If any of these are ready to push into the first team (as a CB) then maybe that changes the equation. Do we go for a veteran, someone in his prime (which will cost us) or a youngster who will develop into the role?

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      • Interesting points about our centre backs Dave. I think it is safe to say that Wilson does not have a future with us, and as for Coates he has not really impressed in any of the games he has been given. Like most I am very impressed with Wisdom, and think he should get the nod above Coates if situation arises but the main one for me is Kelly. He's a regular at CB for the England u21's. I think when he comes back form injury he should be making a real effort to nab a first team place, just as Caulker has done this season at Tottenham. Although I agree that a quality CB coming in would be ideal*, I would really like to see what Kelly and also Wisdom can do there. It does seem a bit harsh Skertl that he is the one to lose his place as Agger has been just as guilty of errors this season (unable to mark players at set pieces!), but if he wants out and someone chucks 30mil at us for him, so be it.
        *This does not mean Williams.

        Sorry for changing the subject. I'd give Gameiro a go at the the right price, could end up being a clever buy.

      • This board format is driving me potty.

        This Summer is going to be interesting provided we have a good run in and available funds. I've heard £20m plus sales is all that will be available. But if Carroll goes then perhaps things will be a little brighter. We all know that central defenders will be a priority but I'm also interested to see where Rodgers thinks he can develop the team further. For example Downing would have been out the door had an offer come in over Christmas but now he's given Rodgers something to think about.

        There's also Sterling who's faded and seems to creating a world of trouble in his private life. I've also heard talk of a loan deal for him.

      • Dave ...got to go for a seasoned veteran ; the next two seasons are going to be critical for the club and CB u are dealing with the spine of the team we need a monster personality there every great side has one at CB. iT SFINE TO HAVE ALL THESE KIDS WE ARE DEVELOPING FOR THE FUTURE BUT WE NEED THE RIGHT BLEND OF YOUTH AND EXPERIENCE TO WIN ANYTHING AND PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE IS GOOD BUT SOMETIMES U HAVE TO LOOK AT THE now AND THAT WILL BE ON US BEFORE WE KNOW IT WITHTHE KICK-OFF OF THE NEW SEASON...sorry didnt notice the caps lock was on too lazy to be bothered correcting it. Read just recently that BR wants to loan out Sterling probably toBlackpool as an incentive to them to sell us Tom Ince..anybody else seen that ?