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  • Aurelio Aurelio Mar 15, 2013 16:19 Flag

    Kevin Gameiro.

    Interesting points about our centre backs Dave. I think it is safe to say that Wilson does not have a future with us, and as for Coates he has not really impressed in any of the games he has been given. Like most I am very impressed with Wisdom, and think he should get the nod above Coates if situation arises but the main one for me is Kelly. He's a regular at CB for the England u21's. I think when he comes back form injury he should be making a real effort to nab a first team place, just as Caulker has done this season at Tottenham. Although I agree that a quality CB coming in would be ideal*, I would really like to see what Kelly and also Wisdom can do there. It does seem a bit harsh Skertl that he is the one to lose his place as Agger has been just as guilty of errors this season (unable to mark players at set pieces!), but if he wants out and someone chucks 30mil at us for him, so be it.
    *This does not mean Williams.

    Sorry for changing the subject. I'd give Gameiro a go at the the right price, could end up being a clever buy.

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    • Colin, Aurelio,
      I'd forgot about Kelly, and that he'd played the CB role for England U21. To be honest I'd put him ahead of Wisdom as he has a coolness on the ball, and while Wisdom seems handy in the air, Kelly's extra height has to be taken into consideration.

      My preference is to have 3 CBs at or near their prime available and if Skrtel goes we'll have to spend some serious money, but personally I hope he stays. Otherwise we could end up spending most of our transfer budget on 2 CBs.

      Another name I mentioned on another thread by might have got lost with this new format is Scott Dann. I know we were in for him a couple years ago, and while he may not be the top draw we are after, I think we could get him for under 10M, he's young enough to meet the FSG profile, but experienced enough to have an impact, and as a local boy could provide that leadership intangible we'll lose when Cara hangs up the boots.