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  • colin colin Mar 17, 2013 00:05 Flag

    Kevin Gameiro.

    Loki had to use Colyn's reply format as yours doesnt have one I hate this board format..think u post speaking about purchasing two CB is best Ive read from u...Im not the biggest fan of Williams and with BR's record where bringing in people hes worked with before is concerned frankly Id be a bit worried about bringing him in but Samba...oh yes that would do nicely but do agree with u we need something that is a notch higher than what we have in Agger and particularly Skrtel who seems to be all over the place where his game is concerned he was absolutely awful today at Southampton. The rest of u post I agree entirely with...do u think theres any chance of borrowing Southamptons manager for remainder of season ? That was without a doubt the finest display of football Ive seen in a long time they played us off the park. None of us should be coming on here trying to come on as apologists for the way the team and the manager performed today , we were pretty sluggish true but the fact is they were ...superb !