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  • Loki Loki Mar 16, 2013 16:43 Flag

    Lucas must start!

    Ive got to admit, this is another one that had me scratching my head when I saw the team sheet. We get bullied too much when we play Allen for me. Skrtel playing over Carra was another one.

    You can give me the 'I sent a team out that could win the game' #$%$, but to me, when you are only playing once a week, you always send out your best team. Don't rotate for rotation's sake, that was one of the things that used to drive me insane about Rafa.

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    • Loki no idea what is wrong withthis board I started a new topic titled WHAT DO WE NEED ? When I go back to board as per instruction nothing there ? OK SO BASICALLY what it said was I was so frustrated I tuned out after third goal..worst performance of a Liverpool side I can recall in yrs ! Why does BR give this numpty Joe Allen priority as a starter when he could start Lucas and leave Stevie further up the pitch ??? Skrtel looked like he was having an outing inthe local pub league ..and was still pished ! Glenda shouldnt have got out of bed this morning but fair play to Southampton they played the game as it should be played and looked very smotth in the final third too ! UNLIKE US !
      So WHAT DO WE NEED ...how about we flog the lot with the exception of Stevie and Louis and buy ....THE ENTIRE SOUTHAMPTON TEAM ! While we are about it why not demote BR to looking after the Academy and appoint the Southampton coach BOSS...SERIOUSLY THIS GUY REALLY LOOKS LIKE HE KNOWS WHAT HES DOING.

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      • Got to disagree slightly Colin. Gerrard needs to play deep. When he plays high we're too open in midfield and he doesn't chase back half the time. See Southampton's third goal as a prime example of my point. I agree that Allen is struggling but I think he needs a strong presence close to him in the midfield. We don't have it and he gets exposed too often. Lucas is the same, just a little better. They both get lost when left alone. A midfield needs to be tight. We're scattered all over the place, especially when Gerrad plays an advanced role. Rafa got round it by playing 5 in there of which two were basically defensive and the rest (bar Gerrard) were told not to move.