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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 19, 2013 11:46 Flag

    Lucas must start!

    I've mentioned this elsewhere but the form of Allen and Lucas is not the only midfield issue. We're not tight enough in there. Look at Southampton's third goal. Where was our midfield? It certainly wasn't where it should have been. Completely scattered to the 4 winds. Our back 4 were also way too deep opening up the space even more.

    When we (or any team for that matter) play well we are tight and compact in the middle, particularly when you're only playing 3 in there. The team front to back is also compact. We were spread over 70 yards on Southampton's thrid goal.

    Players need to wake up, play with their heads and put some effort in. Gerrard is losing it in my opinion and needs to play in a deeper role. He cant play the marauding midfielder in this system without the cover behind.