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  • RonJ RonJ Mar 16, 2013 18:11 Flag

    What do we need ?

    Hey Col.....last week I seem to remember reading that Joe Allen was going into Hospital for a much needed op on his shoulder.........today he is suprisingly found playing for the Reds in yet another "must win" game?? Did he jump bed or what??? I must remember to tell Bren in future do not select injured players to play in competitive football matches for fear of ending up looking marginally ridiculous with egg on your face

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    • ron j...this boy Joe Allen is a liability mate 16 mill quid ? I think if Id been Swansea Chairman Id have been encouraging BR to pirate their players away I mean 16 mill for Allen AND 10 and a half mill for Borini to AS ROMA ??? Now do we want Williams oof them just because he played for BR previously ...no thanks can we have SAMBA instead ? Today was worst display Ive seen froma Liverpool side ,in yrs inc the Stoke game this season but take nothing away from Southampton ..a superb team display ran us off the park ! Can we borrow their coach for the rest of the season do u think ?

    • #$%$ is going on at LFC? We have a run of 4 unbeaten games.. today's game should've been a foregone conclusion!! Or is S'hampton now better than Spurs? Any good manager knows, you play your best team you've got available. Now Allen is a player that should be brought on when we've got a lead by a decent margin.. He shouldn't have played from the start when there's far better players available than him!! As fans we just can't be sure which LFC will show up anymore.. and that's a shocking prospect..