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  • colin colin Mar 16, 2013 17:24 Flag

    THIS BOARD IS #$%$ ...this means u YAHOO !

    Im getting 2 different board come up here one with Loki's new topic about starting Lucas and the other without ? Get this board in order YAHOO or just feckin close it down !

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    • As much as I like to stay loyal to all things I have pretty much moved back to the invision one started by a lot of the old guard on here, still going to do the predictions and pop across but it seems now you can go days with hardly anything being posted and when there is 6-7 opinions only, they seem to be quite predictable and a bit pointless.
      Here is the link again for anyone that wants to defect!


    • When u want to enter the board initially dont click on the first topic there to the right hand side on club page click on the older topics then u get to the current board fully up to date. Otherwise u get a board out of date if u click the latest topic listed first...I know not logical but this is yahoo what do u expect? ...I really think we should all just decide on a new board and move en masse to it...I mean it looks like YAHOO are trying to engineer towards closing down this board anyway by making it as #$%$ as possible