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    Excuse me;;

    Just dropping by, not a Liverpool supporter by any stretch of the imagination. After the last match with the great Stevie G. goal we were hearing cries of EUREKA! from Brendan Rodgers as though he had just discovered the mystical formulae which resulted in the win. He was trying to give the impression that something (his) had been discovered.
    Not at all trying to sound patronising... Liverpool do this. Players like SG and Suarez do this..Liverpool used to have a reputation of constantly doing this for decades (until after rafa and the american connections). As Kenny said - there's no need to try and reinvent the game. The reputation of the club to attract players, it's system of attracting and developing local talent which there must masses of, the club systems built on its traditions and history.. yet again BR speaks about going back to basics and reinventing the wheel... FFS! We've all heard about the manuals, abseiling and the teambuilding pizza parties and all that #$%$ but he's living in a dreamworld. If you were to ask any manager what his recipe for success without the transfer fees and huges local support was he would say: Youth policy, stable management system, good crowds, enthusiasm (like keegan types). good reputation = success. That is how Liverpool and a couple of other clubs worked (MU/Spurs and errrh?) Now clubs is people have short- cutted the system to buy success (Chelsea/Man City) and we have massive influx of foreign players which has wiped out the hopes of hundeds of English kids. How many clubs in Brazil or even France send scouts to England to look for talent??

    So how the F can BR say that - he has a recipe for success.

    After today's debacle at Southampton my guess is he will say that team didn't work to his methods .. or didn't understand the charts/ pictures - he put on the wall at half time..... time for a nother pizza night out to build up team spirit!

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    • Brian Clough was once quoted that he thought the recipe for success was to have players with natural ability and then get them to RELAX THE DAY BEFORE THE GAME so that that ability would flow out of them on game day he said this around the time Forest won two back to back European Cups back when u had to win the old first division title to get in it ! He used to buy them a pint the day before the game sit and RELAX with them...pretty mature stuff eh ?

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      • It's not about reinventing anything BUT IT IS about turning a failing club around and setting out the way a club does things. Basically for the first time since Joe Fagan left we have a plan.

        Here's what Rodgers has said recently
        “When I came in I sold the owners that idea so that if it doesn’t work out for me, at least you bring in a different manager who wants to play the same style and then it evolves,” says Rodgers. “I want to create a shortcut so that everyone who comes in immediately understands what is expected in terms of style of play. It saves time, money and effort. This is the first year of that and, naturally, there are growing pains.

        “The alternative is you have no plan. You start one way, that doesn’t work so you bring in another manager who wants it completely different. Half your squad plays one way, the other half another. All you get then is stockpiling of players. Then it’s the club’s fault if you’re not successful, not the players."

        I said that we haven't had a strategy since Fagan left. It's completely true. In Dalglish's first stint he didn't build for the future and the club failed to embrace the new media age and the PL. Souness tore it all apart, the rest were simply scrambling. It makes complete sense and needs to be seen through. If it isn't Rodgers fine, but at least get someone in that follws the same ideals and principles. There is that much work to do at Liverpool!