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  • colin colin Mar 16, 2013 18:18 Flag

    Excuse me;;

    Brian Clough was once quoted that he thought the recipe for success was to have players with natural ability and then get them to RELAX THE DAY BEFORE THE GAME so that that ability would flow out of them on game day he said this around the time Forest won two back to back European Cups back when u had to win the old first division title to get in it ! He used to buy them a pint the day before the game sit and RELAX with them...pretty mature stuff eh ?

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    • It's not about reinventing anything BUT IT IS about turning a failing club around and setting out the way a club does things. Basically for the first time since Joe Fagan left we have a plan.

      Here's what Rodgers has said recently
      “When I came in I sold the owners that idea so that if it doesn’t work out for me, at least you bring in a different manager who wants to play the same style and then it evolves,” says Rodgers. “I want to create a shortcut so that everyone who comes in immediately understands what is expected in terms of style of play. It saves time, money and effort. This is the first year of that and, naturally, there are growing pains.

      “The alternative is you have no plan. You start one way, that doesn’t work so you bring in another manager who wants it completely different. Half your squad plays one way, the other half another. All you get then is stockpiling of players. Then it’s the club’s fault if you’re not successful, not the players."

      I said that we haven't had a strategy since Fagan left. It's completely true. In Dalglish's first stint he didn't build for the future and the club failed to embrace the new media age and the PL. Souness tore it all apart, the rest were simply scrambling. It makes complete sense and needs to be seen through. If it isn't Rodgers fine, but at least get someone in that follws the same ideals and principles. There is that much work to do at Liverpool!

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      • Sorry mate couldn't disagree more. As my previous ID on here as disappeared due to this shyte new board, nevertopthekop_18_5, people will hopefully remember my biased views that KK is the man and I think the guy who has posted this post, rrichards,is perfectly spot on.
        We've basically got David Brent as a manager trying out all what he thinks are "new age" management styles with his fecking 3 envelopes etc etc that I was doing in business management training 20 odd years ago !
        Like the guy said he is not saying or doing anything new, it's just that most people who support LFC haven't seen it since KK was last in charge doing it the Liverpool way, YES I said KK as I disagree that it was Joe Fagan who last had a plan, it's not as though KK was there first time around as a caretaker manager.
        He managed for 4 years winning 3 titles, 2 FA cups, 1 League Cup, and 4 Charity Shields !! Was that purley by chance then?
        He's have probably won the European Cup as well if we were in it because the side he built with Beardsley , Barnes, Aldridge and Houghton was probably one of the most entertaining I have ever seen. I agree about Souness etc, but the wheels fell off after the Hillsbrough disaster I'm afraid and we ain't been the same since.
        Like Colin say's look at Cloughie, in fact look at Fergie, Paisley, Dalglish. They didn't need notebooks and fecking pie charts.
        If this is "turning a failing club around", I'd hate to see what we'd been like if it had gone wrong then !!
        Last year one trophy, 2 finals, 3 trips to Wembley, European qualification, 8th in PL,
        what this year no trophies, no trip to Wembley, no finals, Euro qualification ?, where in PL ?
        I agree there does appear to be plenty of work to be done at Liverpool now, but in my opinion as I've said before, I know we finished 8th last year, but there was less work to be done if KK had stayed and I think this year we would have done far better than this.